Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snowmageddon 2013...

Earlier in the week, the forecast was for 100% chance of snow on Thursday.  The thing is, the TV stations would not say exactly how much snow.  On Wednesday night the forecast was still unclear, but we knew we were going to get snow.  Then, at some point, it changed to Snowmageddon 2013 with 8-12 inches on its way.

There was zero visibility.  Good thing Ken agreed to go to Dunkin Donuts to get me coffee and donuts.

Kya spent as much time as possible outside.

Ken and Kya had so much fun playing together.  Okay, Kya may have had more fun than Ken.

We ended up with about 13 inches

Good thing Ken shoveled a walkway and "poop pad" for our princess husky.

And guess what?  The forecast is calling for another 6-12 inches of snow on Monday.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Photo a Day...Week 7....

Day 43:  I am telling you right now, if you have not had Noosa, then head to Target right now and buy some.  I am not a fan of yogurt, however, this stuff is amazing.  It is basic like crack.

Day 44:  Cruising on home after my skull quiz in A&P.  In case you are curious, I got a 100%.  :)

Day 45:  My girl and me after our run.  

Day 46:  With my Sweetie at Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday dinner.

Day 47:  True love, and a little embarrassment on Kya's part for being held like a baby.

Day 48:  Ken had my car for an out of town boys trip, so I had to drive his.  I can barely see over the steering wheel unless I raise my head.  I keep my hands at 10 and 2 when I drive it, try not to change lanes or back up, and never talk on my cell phone when driving it.  :)

Day 49:  Theodore decided to study for Anatomy as well.  He wants to be a doctor.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Photo a Day...Week 6...

Day 36:  Look who stopped by the office, Chuck the bug man.  

Day 37:  Feeling wild with my cheetah sunglasses and tiger stripe scarf

Day 38:  Dinner and wine with Jen and Jill.  Jen is 21 weeks pregnant, so she skipped the wine.

Day 39:  Our weekly traditional photo.  It does not look like she is forced to do this or anything.

Day 40:  We stopped by Gigi's Cupcakes for a treat.  This place might be my new favorite!

Day 41:  Angel is super snuggly

Day 42:  It is never good when you start buying "healthy weight"  food.  Kitty Cat Weight Watchers!  Sorry Angel and Theo.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Ken!

Today is my sweet husband's birthday.  He is not into anyone making a fuss over him and his birthday, but this is my blog and I do what I want to.  Sorry Ken, get your own blog.  :)

I am not normally one to be all mushy or brag about how things are with our relationship, but I thought I would take a moment to tell you about that husband of mine.  He is something special. 

1. He is hilarious.  Sure, 95% of the time he is laughing at me laughing at myself, but he is pretty funny as well.  I cannot tell you how important it is that he makes me laugh. Every. Single. Day.

2.  He is fabulous at his job.  No one knows this, but he recently won two very distinct top honors this year.  No one is more proud of him than I am.  Well, maybe Theodore.

3.  With him being so fabulous with his career, it allows him to take excellent care of our hooligans and me.  He may not admit it, but he completely spoils us rotten. 

4.  He is very supportive.  I can go to him with any crazy idea that I plan on doing, whether it is an athletic feet or something with school and he asks me what he can do to help me reach my goal.

5.  He is pretty cute.  Blonde hair, blue eyes, and 6'5?  How did I get so lucky?

Happy Birthday Ken!  Angel, Theodore, Kya, and I love you very much! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

St. Louis Marathon Training...Week 6...

Week 6, week 6.  The week I realized that it was time to retire my shoes and use the new pair that has been sitting in my closet since Cyber Monday.

Monday - 4 miles with Kya
Wednesday - 4 miles at the gym.  I meant to do speed work, but was just not feeling it.
Friday - 3 miles with Kya
Sunday - 15 miles at the gym

Why did I run 15 miles at the gym instead of outside?  It is called a 45 mph wind and this girl was in no mood to deal with it.  After my run, I proceeded to eat 6 tacos from Jack N the Box, minus lettuce of course.  Yes, 6 tacos, which is also the same number of tacos my 6'5 husband ate.  I had finished all 6 before he had even finished his second one.  I know, he is lucky to have me.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Out With the Brass...

Can I share a secret with you?  I am a little embarrassed to admit this but, I have to come clean.  This light fixture below has occupied our dining room for the last year.

Horrible, I know.

You see, we had every intention on changing this light fixture right away, but we got side tracked with other projects around the house.  I am embarrassed to admit that this was just removed from our home this past week.  Almost one year after we moved in.  Sigh.  I mean, look at this thing.  The final straw was when we actually used our dining room during game night a few weeks ago.  I realized that it was time.  Time to make something happen.

1993 called and wants its light back.

We are much more of a brushed nickel, black, or brushed bronze kind of house hold.  We ended up settling on this light.

Much more our style.  

Oh and in case you are keeping score, Ken installed the light.  I know, when did he become so handy?

One more thing about the ghetto, 1993 light.  We did not know this until we took it down, but it was being held up by the below.

Um, yeah.  A Minnie Mouse carabiner that was obviously a souvenir from Disney Land.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Photo a Day...Week 5...

Day 29:  Yes, this is my husband wearing my goggles and lab coat from Chemistry.  Why are his arms up? Because my lab coat is XS and he is not.

Day 30:  Can you tell she is annoyed for posing for the picture?

Day 31:  I had never had Popeye's before, so we picked up dinner from there last week.  Please do not judge me.  :)

Day 32:  Date night at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Wild night at our house.

Day 33:  We enjoyed a bottle of wine in our wine room

Day 34:  Watching the Puppy Bowl.  Of course Aurora the Siberian Husky from Kansas City was our favorite!

Day 35:  Red Velvet Cookie.  Do not think, just eat.

Monday, February 4, 2013

St. Louis Marathon Training Week 4 & 5...

Oops, looks like I missed a week of posting!  Week 4 was what I like to call an ugly week.  I was just not feeling it with all of the study I had to do for my first A&P test.

Week 4
Monday - 4 mile run with Kya
Thursday - 7 mile run with 4 x .25 repeats and 4 x .50 repeats (I was feeling a little badass after this work out)
Sunday - 3 mile run with Kya

So yeah, my long run was obviously lacking this week.  We will call my Thursday night run a long run and call the entire week a cut back week.  The truth is, I can completely BS my way through a marathon, but cannot in A&P.

Week 5
Monday - 4 mile run with Kya
Thursday - 6 mile run with 4.5 miles at marathon pace.  Marathon pace is 8:34-8:49.  I would like to run under 3:50, but will take under 3:56 as well.
Saturday - 13 mile run with my girl!

I totally redeemed myself with my long run on Saturday.  Good thing too, there are only 8 more long runs until the marathon. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kya's New PR...

Up until yesterday, the furthest that Kya has ever run was 12 miles.  Yesterday was a perfect running temperature, in the 40's.  She would prefer colder, but her mama prefers the 40's.

I decided it would be the perfect afternoon to have her set her new personal record of running 13 miles.  She had so much fun!

Stopping at mile 9 for a picture.  

All finished after 13 miles and happy as can be!  

Kya is such a good running partner!  She trots right along next to me and does not tug me or drag me in anyway.  She is a much better runner than walker.  You cannot be good at everything right!?