Sunday, February 10, 2013

Out With the Brass...

Can I share a secret with you?  I am a little embarrassed to admit this but, I have to come clean.  This light fixture below has occupied our dining room for the last year.

Horrible, I know.

You see, we had every intention on changing this light fixture right away, but we got side tracked with other projects around the house.  I am embarrassed to admit that this was just removed from our home this past week.  Almost one year after we moved in.  Sigh.  I mean, look at this thing.  The final straw was when we actually used our dining room during game night a few weeks ago.  I realized that it was time.  Time to make something happen.

1993 called and wants its light back.

We are much more of a brushed nickel, black, or brushed bronze kind of house hold.  We ended up settling on this light.

Much more our style.  

Oh and in case you are keeping score, Ken installed the light.  I know, when did he become so handy?

One more thing about the ghetto, 1993 light.  We did not know this until we took it down, but it was being held up by the below.

Um, yeah.  A Minnie Mouse carabiner that was obviously a souvenir from Disney Land.  

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lindsay said...

Who knew Disney was in the ligh fixture business!