Monday, February 4, 2013

St. Louis Marathon Training Week 4 & 5...

Oops, looks like I missed a week of posting!  Week 4 was what I like to call an ugly week.  I was just not feeling it with all of the study I had to do for my first A&P test.

Week 4
Monday - 4 mile run with Kya
Thursday - 7 mile run with 4 x .25 repeats and 4 x .50 repeats (I was feeling a little badass after this work out)
Sunday - 3 mile run with Kya

So yeah, my long run was obviously lacking this week.  We will call my Thursday night run a long run and call the entire week a cut back week.  The truth is, I can completely BS my way through a marathon, but cannot in A&P.

Week 5
Monday - 4 mile run with Kya
Thursday - 6 mile run with 4.5 miles at marathon pace.  Marathon pace is 8:34-8:49.  I would like to run under 3:50, but will take under 3:56 as well.
Saturday - 13 mile run with my girl!

I totally redeemed myself with my long run on Saturday.  Good thing too, there are only 8 more long runs until the marathon. 


Emily said...

Hope the A&P test went well!

Cori said...

Giggling that you said "BS your way through a marathon". Love that. :) I want to reach that point someday.