Monday, February 11, 2013

St. Louis Marathon Training...Week 6...

Week 6, week 6.  The week I realized that it was time to retire my shoes and use the new pair that has been sitting in my closet since Cyber Monday.

Monday - 4 miles with Kya
Wednesday - 4 miles at the gym.  I meant to do speed work, but was just not feeling it.
Friday - 3 miles with Kya
Sunday - 15 miles at the gym

Why did I run 15 miles at the gym instead of outside?  It is called a 45 mph wind and this girl was in no mood to deal with it.  After my run, I proceeded to eat 6 tacos from Jack N the Box, minus lettuce of course.  Yes, 6 tacos, which is also the same number of tacos my 6'5 husband ate.  I had finished all 6 before he had even finished his second one.  I know, he is lucky to have me.  

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