Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kya's New PR...

Up until yesterday, the furthest that Kya has ever run was 12 miles.  Yesterday was a perfect running temperature, in the 40's.  She would prefer colder, but her mama prefers the 40's.

I decided it would be the perfect afternoon to have her set her new personal record of running 13 miles.  She had so much fun!

Stopping at mile 9 for a picture.  

All finished after 13 miles and happy as can be!  

Kya is such a good running partner!  She trots right along next to me and does not tug me or drag me in anyway.  She is a much better runner than walker.  You cannot be good at everything right!?

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Kate Geisen said...

My dog LOVES running. He makes me feel very guilty any time I put on my running shoes and don't take him. His long run so far is 10 miles, but that's more my fault than his. :)