Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Photo a Day...Week 5...

Day 29:  Yes, this is my husband wearing my goggles and lab coat from Chemistry.  Why are his arms up? Because my lab coat is XS and he is not.

Day 30:  Can you tell she is annoyed for posing for the picture?

Day 31:  I had never had Popeye's before, so we picked up dinner from there last week.  Please do not judge me.  :)

Day 32:  Date night at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Wild night at our house.

Day 33:  We enjoyed a bottle of wine in our wine room

Day 34:  Watching the Puppy Bowl.  Of course Aurora the Siberian Husky from Kansas City was our favorite!

Day 35:  Red Velvet Cookie.  Do not think, just eat.

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