Friday, February 22, 2013

Photo a Day...Week 7....

Day 43:  I am telling you right now, if you have not had Noosa, then head to Target right now and buy some.  I am not a fan of yogurt, however, this stuff is amazing.  It is basic like crack.

Day 44:  Cruising on home after my skull quiz in A&P.  In case you are curious, I got a 100%.  :)

Day 45:  My girl and me after our run.  

Day 46:  With my Sweetie at Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday dinner.

Day 47:  True love, and a little embarrassment on Kya's part for being held like a baby.

Day 48:  Ken had my car for an out of town boys trip, so I had to drive his.  I can barely see over the steering wheel unless I raise my head.  I keep my hands at 10 and 2 when I drive it, try not to change lanes or back up, and never talk on my cell phone when driving it.  :)

Day 49:  Theodore decided to study for Anatomy as well.  He wants to be a doctor.

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Cori said...

Your blog made me hungry, and jealous of you for Dunkin Donuts and Buffalow Wild Wings....and now I have to find out how many Weight Watchers points are in Noosa---because I KNOW I need some. :)