Thursday, May 14, 2020


On May 11, 2020 at 5:10 am, Angel crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She is with her baby brother Theo now.  To say that I am devastated is an understatement.  I loved her so much.  She went the way she would have wanted to go, laying on me with my arms around her and Uncle Ken at our side.

Angel and me snuggled in her favorite guest bed watching Gilmore Girls.  We laid in the guest room together until 2:00 am when we went to lay in bed with Uncle Ken.  I have both so much joy and so much heartache when I look at this picture.  

We knew that time with her was short and spent all day on Sunday doing things with her one final time.  We laid in bed and watched the Sound of Music together while Ken worked out in the garage.  It was just us two and it was perfect.  We also shared a final glass of wine together outside with Ken as well as go for a car ride in the neighborhoods where she usually looks at Christmas lights.  It was a day all about Angel.  Let's be honest, most days were all about Angel around here.  I know she is in Heaven telling Theodore all about the screened in deck that we added onto the house...for her.

Cruising around Leawood with mom and Uncle Ken.  She loved having the sun on her white fur.

Spending time with both of my girls on Mother's Day.

My girls laying together for the last time

Angel was sick about five weeks ago and had to be on antibiotics.  I told her that I really needed a few more weeks with her because work was awful because of COVID.  She rallied and got better and gave me the extra time that I asked for.  That girl loved me that much that she held on a little extra just for me.

My sweet Angel Marie

Angel and I started our life together when I was 20 years old.  She had been with me for almost half of my life and all of my adult life.  She was my ride or die.  I have been struggling with how to put into words how much she meant to me and how special she truly was.  I could go on and on for days about her sassiness, resting bitch face, and how much she loved me, but I would rather show you in pictures, so here we go.

Keep in mind that this girl and I go all the way back to 2001 so some of these are pictures of pictures.

Wild baby Angel.  She was about six months old whenever I got her.

Playing with her catnip rat.  She was such a cute little kitten!

This was always one of my favorite pictures of her.  She loved playing in paper bags from online shipments that I used to receive.  This is a Victoria's Secret bag and she used to beat it up and hide in it and attack me.  

Proudly laying in front of the curtains you snagged with your claws before your mom had them removed.

Angel with her new baby brother, Theodore Roosevelt.  Angel was not a big kitty, but she looks huge here because Theo was so tiny.  He was also a demon kitten, but cute.

One of the first pictures that I have of Ang and me.  She was one and I was 21.  We were both babies here.

This gives new meaning to sunbathing

Living right out by the fire pit

Checking out my new pillow.


I am sure this would be her profile picture on social media.

When you stand next to your latest "kill"

This picture is so Angel.  Laying in front of the fire in her house, wondering why Kya and I are disturbing her lounging.

One might think that this is Kya and her cats, but really it is Angel and her peasants.  

Playing with mice can be exhausting!

Selfie with my girlies.

Angel was quite the little acrobat in her day.  She used to walk along the outside of the spindles of the staircase, walk on the edge of doors, and sometimes make jumps that she shouldn't.  There was one time at our old house when she ended up making her way to our window that was in the entry way and about 12 feet off of the ground.  She regretted it pretty quickly and yelled out for Uncle Ken to save her.

When you realize you have made a horrible mistake and have to yell for Uncle Ken to rescue you.  

Angel always had a way of sleeping in the most odd positions.  She really was a little pretzel cat!

The upside down head was a family favorite

I am not sure how this was comfortable?

Clearly having a rough day.

It is difficult to tell which end is up in this one!

Between the tail and covering up her eyes, this one kills me.

Always a silly one that Ang.

This one is my favorite because she is pouting because I was doing homework, which meant she could not snuggle on me for an hour or so.  Clearly the abuse is strong at our house.

Snuggling together was something that seemed to always happen.  Whether it was Angel and Theo together or Angel with one of us, we were never short on snuggles.

These two loved each other so much.  I have so much comfort in knowing that they are together again.

My sweet kitties

Let's all get in bed on mom!  Ken walked in one night to find this.  To say I was in Heaven is an understatement.  All three of my babies!

They are snuggled so tight that I cannot really tell where Theodore's head starts.

Taking care of her brother

This is one of my favorite pictures of the four of us.  Ken and I had just gotten home from Europe and it is quite obvious that they missed us.

A wild night with my girls.

Much like her mama, Angel had a huge love of Christmas.  You could often find her laying under the Christmas tree admiring the lights.  She also loved to ride in the car and go look at Christmas lights.

Theodore loved to lay under the tree and really started laying under it once he was gone.  I am sure she was trying to figure out why he liked it so much.

Look at that cute baby!

The perfect little present under the tree.  

Angel's first Christmas and the beginning of all of the toys and snacks just for being cute.

Christmas morning with my three hooligans.  

Our last time to go look at Christmas lights together

Christmas morning 2008

Doing our favorite thing together at Christmas time, looking at Christmas lights!

Taking over Kya's stocking.  Hooligans!

Uncle Ken taking two of his girls to look at Christmas lights.  Do not let Angel's eyes fool you, she loved it!

Christmas morning with my girls.  

One sister looks way happier here than the other.  Ang's RBF is so strong.

Two girls that both love Christmas and fires.

Angel and Ken became snuggle buddies once Ken was working from home more.  I would get random pictures while I was working of Angel snuggled on Ken or somehow "helping" him work.

This five pound cat could hold him hostage.

Uncle Ken is snuggly!

Ken got up to get a drink and came back to this.  

She really did love her Uncle Ken.  It only took about 15 years, but she did.

This was after Ken's 100K run.  It looks like the fatigue was contagious.  

Helping Uncle Ken with his conference calls.

A year ago we added a screened-in deck onto our house.  Well, Angel was pretty sure that is was for her.  She loved it.  She spent so much time out on the deck relaxing and having the time of her life.

It is a good thing we got her a new blanket too.

Allowing her sister out on her deck.  

Living her best life

It is tough being the princess

She was extra spoiled when we added a heated blanket to the couch outside for her to stay warm.  There are days that she would walk to the door and demand to go out onto the couch.

Sunlight and time outside?  Yes please!

I really could go on and on about Angel forever.  She was my best friend.  We spent 19 years together.  If you would have told me that when I got her, I would not have believed you.  I loved her and she loved me.  We were there for each other, always.  It is not going to be easy without her.  I miss her every moment of everyday.  Love you sissy!

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