Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Birthday Ken!

Today Ken turns 40. 40.  I can hardly believe it.  He was 27 when we started dating, which means this will be the 13th time we have celebrated his birthday together.  It is crazy to think 13 years have gone by.

If you know Ken, you know that he absolutely hates for me to make a fuss about him, but today, he really does not have a choice in the matter.  I will try to keep the fussing to a minimum and let pictures do most of the talking.  I had thought about listing off 40 things I love about him, but realized that might be overkill so here are 40 pictures instead.  There has been a lot of fun over the last 13 years and I am certainly glad he was born 40 years ago today.  He keeps my life full of fun and excitement.

P.S. I did some digging for some of this pictures that date back to 2004!


2004 - Back when we lived in different cities.  One day I started a morning with this in my inbox.


Las Vegas, New Year's Eve 2004


Cardinals playoffs, 2005

Las Vegas, 2005

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2006

New Year's 2006


Puerto Vallarta, 2007

Christmas Eve, 2007

New Orleans, 2008

Nashville, 2008

Hanging out with friends, 2008

Hiking in Vegas, 2008

Wedding day, 2009

Newly married in Jamaica, 2009

California Wine Country, 2009

Healdsburg, CA  2009

Halloween, 2009

Hiking Pikes Peak, 2010

Healdsburg, CA 2010

Our pumpkin carving contest, 2010

Grand Canyon, 2011

Chicago, 2011

Ironman Louisville, 2012

Lake Tahoe, 2012

North Rim, Grand Canyon, 2013

Colorado, 2013

Christmas Eve, 2013

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland 2014

Grand Canyon, 2015

Mt Elbert, 2015 - One of my favorite memories 

Surprise, AZ 2015

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, 2016

Salzburg, Austria, 2016

Berchtesgaden, Germany, 2016

Colorado, 2016


Looking back at these pictures brought back so many memories.  I do have one question:  Who are those babies in some of those pictures, wow!  

Happiest of birthdays sweetie!  Angel, Theo, Kya, and I love you so much and are so grateful for you!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Night Shift...

My first full week of working the night shift is in the books.  I worked three shifts in a row, which seemed pretty daunting at the beginning of the week.  What are my thoughts?  Just meh.  It was okay, not horrible, not fabulous.

The low point was definitely on Thursday last week.  Ken was working at home and apparently I came down stairs when I was supposed to be sleeping.  I stopped on the stairs and started crying and shouting that the cats were yelling at me.  Yep, that happened.  It was definitely the low point of the week and sadly it was only after one shift.

Sleeping during the day is a struggle. I usually sleep like a corpse from 8:30 am until about 1:00 pm, but then it is a struggle to stay sleeping.  I am hoping that this week will be better since I have two in a row starting tonight.

I think the part that does not help is that I do not have any desire to eat at all during the night shift.  I eat snacks and drink lattes, but that is about it.  When I come home I go to sleep and skip eating and then barely want to eat when I wake up.  I have always heard horror stories of people gaining massive amounts of weight while working nights and I am not understanding how this is possible.

Here's to week two of the night shift!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Life Lately...

Not much has been going on around here.  We were suppose to receive a huge ice storm, but it turned out to be only rain, which spoiled any plans of hiking over a three day weekend.

I made some skewers that were absolutely delicious!

Kya and I spent an afternoon at the dog park.  We had the entire place to ourselves and had a lot of fun wandering around.

Dog park selfie with my girl

Mike and Katie bought some wine while they were in Italy this past June.  They were kind enough to give us a bottle for Christmas.  I enjoyed cracking that bad boy open!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

NCLEX Celebration...

To celebrate my passing the NCLEX, we thought what better of a way than to go on a hike as a family of three!  Trust me when I say I wish the cats could join, but could you imagine the meowing that would take place?

We knew it would be chilly, so we packed a thermos of soup, with plans to start a fire and open a bottle of champagne.  Such a fun little celebration we had planned!

Out for a cold six mile hike complete with snow!

Our little set up complete with a lake view, fire, and a husky

Ken popping open our bubbly while Kya supervises

Pretty happy with soup and champagne!

Don't let Kya's Resting Bitch Face fool you, she had a lot of fun.  She was in her element hiking in the snow and loved celebrating her mama's hard work.

My two cutie pies 

Hanging with my girl that always allowed me to listen to her heart and lungs as practice when I first started school. 

Such a fun family day!

Afterwards, we drove to Lawrence and Kya took a nap while we went to Free State for a beer and snacks.  It was the best way to celebrate my becoming an RN.  Night shift starts on Wednesday, so look out!  I am ready with my Starbucks cards, blacked out bedroom, and sleep mask.