Monday, January 26, 2015

OHL Classic...

While we were in Mexico, Ken realized that there was a PGA golf tournament going on a few resorts down.  We knew that we had to go to the tournament since we were so close.  Plus, general admission tickets were super cheap and then you could pay a little more to have VIP tickets which included unlimited drinks and food, along with three special viewing areas.  Obviously, we chose the upgraded tickets to enjoy our day there!

Ken is ready to watch some golf!

The course was beautiful!  There were a few holes that ran right along the beach.

One of the funny things that happened was when Ken stepped into a hole of fire ants right as this group was getting ready to hit.  He was trying to be as quiet as possible swatting them off of him, but one group started yelling at him saying, come on mate!  It was so funny!  

While we were looking at the program, we noticed that there was a guy from the Kansas City area playing.  We decided to watch him play for a while.  Ken talked to him at one point, and he ended up being a super friendly guy.

Brice Garnett from the Kansas City area

I decided to cheer for a golfer from Munich.  At one point he made a shot and was walking by and I shouted out, Prost!  You know, it is really the only German I know!

Ken and I both had a great time

Before we wrapped up our day, we went over to the practice/autograph area to see if we could get autographs or pictures for our neighbor Kyle.  We ended up getting a ton of autographs and a few pictures.  Of course, Ken made me ask for all of the pictures.

With the famous Justin Leonard

With my buddy Alex Cejka from Munich

I decided to save the best for last.  Camilo Villegas is known for his spider man stance when he surveys his ball on the green.  He was walking away and was not at all interested in dealing with people.  For whatever reason, I took off after him and yelled, Camilo, Camilo, will you get your picture with me?  He instantly perked up and said yes, which made my day!

Just hanging with Camilo Villegas

I am so glad that Ken and I went to this tournament!  It was something we will probably never get to experience again and I am so glad that we had the opportunity to participate.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Well, nursing school has officially began and I am no longer working, so what better time to update my blog with things that happened back in November?

Our friends Mike and Katie invited us to go to Mexico with them back in November.  A week on the beach with two wonderful friends?  Yes please!

The boat that we knew as the "Mystica"

Ken enjoyed hanging out in the private cabanas we had access to.

We spent the entire week relaxing and drinking far too many pina coladas.  My birthday also fell during the week of our trip and there is no better way to celebrate than being in Mexico with wonderful friends!

These three hung out in the cabanas while I had to go back to our room to work on homework.  Homework in Mexico does beat homework in Kansas City any day!

One of our favorite things to do is watch the sunset and the cruise ships leaving Cozumel.

Mike made friends with this guy.  We named him Ricky.

On my birthday, there were several attempts made to get a picture of Ken and me.  I am sorry to say that the below is the best we could get.  This includes the pictures that Mike took of us too.  

Happy Birthday to me???

We ventured into Play del Carmen to shop around and have lunch and cocktails.  I can honestly say that this will be the last time we will ever do that.  I can no longer handle the harassment and it seems to have gotten worse since the last time we visited.  

The water is quite beautiful in Playa.

We enjoyed having cocktails and watching 90's music videos at this bar. 

Ken and I ended up splitting the world's largest mango margarita at a cute little restaurant.

Margarita smiles!

We always have a great time with Mike and Katie.  Who knows what our next adventure will be?  Maybe a European vacation?  It does not seem to matter, these two always make us laugh.

Friday, December 12, 2014


I am only about six weeks behind, ha, ha!  This is what happens when you are working full time, taking 15 hours of college credit, and trying to stay in a size 0 pant.  Such is life!  The craziness is over; I took my last final today.  Now I am in a rush to take College Algebra in a three week period.  No biggie, right?

Anyway, back to Halloween.  On Halloween we went over to Mike and Katie's house to spend the evening with them.  They get a lot more traffic than we do, we live on a cul de sac.  Plus, they like to go overboard with decorating. The plan was to dress up and scare some kiddos.

Michael Myers was our driver

I made chili and bought some Monster Mash wine to be festive.

I posted this picture on Facebook and everyone thought it was super creepy.  This is Mike, and yes, he looks as creepy as creepy can be!

Michael Myers and his very loud shoes

Several parents would not let their kids come up to the door.  I have come to the conclusion that the current generation of parents are a bunch of pansies.  I guess this is how life is with a bunch of helicopter parents out there with their participation trophies.  The kids that were allowed to come over, we were really nice to and encouraged them for not being scared.  

A group shot.  Even Katie and I got in on the scaring!

Mike's birthday is November 1st, so we stayed until after midnight so we could wish him happy birthday.

We had a great time with great friends and cannot wait until next Halloween!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Race Report: New York City Marathon...3 Years Late!

In honor of the NYC marathon today, I thought I would finally publish my race report from that day.  The race happened when Ken and I were going through a rough time with selling our house and not knowing if we were being relocated or not.  Here is what I had to say about the race back in December 2011.

I have been so delayed in writing this.  Maybe it is because the race did not go as I hoped or maybe it is because we have spent the last few weeks packing up our entire house and moving into an apartment.  To say that I have been stressed and busy (I hate when people say busy) is an understatement.  I have had this written since December, but went back to re-write it because it felt negative.  We had so much up in the air while were in New York, that I feel I could not enjoy myself.
I was so excited about running this race.  I was a little bummed that it was taking place during a very stressful time for Ken and me.  We had debated about cancelling our trip all together with everything going on with our house, but I told Ken if the contract fell through and we cancelled our New York trip, that I might really hurt someone or end up in a mental institution.  So, we proceeded, stress and all. 

I was scheduled to take the 7:30 am Staten Island Ferry.  I slept horrible and woke up at one point to pee and noticed my throat felt a little sore.  Great.  Nothing like starting to catch a cold before a marathon.  I went back to bed, not before growling at Ken who had just returned home from having a few drinks.  I need my beauty sleep people.  :)  I want to be clear that my sore throat had nothing to do with my dead legs for this race. 

I made my way to the subway with my throw away clothes on.  A short ride later, we were down in the financial district ready to board the ferry.  Then, the waiting.  The wait was not too bad, but I was thrown off by the late start.  It is odd to wake up early for a marathon and then wait to start at 10:10 am.  I know there is no other way for the organizers to handle this, but it is a pain. 

The view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the ferry.

View from the ferry

Lower Manhattan with the Freedom Tower.

The Statue of Liberty

The Verrazno Bridge, which is the first few miles of the race.

The ferry ride was very cool and I was very happy with everything that I was able to see from the ferry.  I was really bummed that Ken was not able to see all of it with me.

My favorite part of the entire race was the start.  Hearing someone sing New York, New York gave me chills.  It was a great moment before the start.  We started off running across the Verrazano Bridge, which according to the elevation chart, was the steepest hill of the day.  I personally disagree, but maybe the excitement and the crowd made it seem like a smaller hill than it truly was.  At one point, it was so crowded on the bridge that I had to walk.  I thought the Queensboro Bridge was a much tougher hill. 

I do not want to write a long report complaining about this marathon, so I will just make a quick summary of the rest.  It was not everything I had hoped for.  I had read about the crowds, the crowds, and mainly the crowds in Manhattan.  Yes, there were a lot of people spectating in Manhattan.  I did not think they were loud and cheering.  They were kind of just standing there.  It was nothing like I had expected and nothing like I had experienced in Chicago.  I was kind of shocked. 

You know the runs that you go out for and you decide it was just not your day, you ditch the run and go out the next day?  Well, that was my day on November 6th, 2011.  At mile three, my legs felt heavy like they would at mile 18.  Great, this will be a long day, I thought.  I hung on, knowing I would see Ken around mile 17 or so.  We had a great plan and I was able to see him both times right where I expected to see him, which was such a high point for me in the race.

You can barely see me here.  I am wearing a pink shirt.

There I am running by with the pink shirt

This just was not my race.  My legs felt dead the entire time, and I could not go any faster.  At one point, I started thinking that it would ended up being my slowest race ever, but I somehow managed to keep running instead of being reduced to walking eight miles to the finish, but I made it.  Finishing in exactly 4:22, with an average pace of 10:00 miles.  The funny thing is, this is what I wanted to do for my very first marathon back in 2007. 

This was the most crowded race I had ever participated in.  It was absolutely insane.

I had said I would never run this marathon again.  I have since decided that I would, just probably not for a few years.  Ken is totally rolling his eyes about now.

Getting out of Central Park and back to our apartment took us what seemed like forever, but was probably about two hours.  Thank goodness Ken gave me his sweatshirt, because I was so cold after running and being sweaty.  We stopped and got pizza or as the New Yorkers call it, a pie, and scarfed it down along with a few beers in the apartment.  I was exhausted from such a long day.

I hope that one of these days after I finish nursing school that I will be able to run this race again.  I highly doubt Ken will want to participate, so I will be looking for a marathon mom.  Jill?  Michelle? Katie?  I am very glad that I can finally look back at this race and smile and think of it as a great memory.  Not everyone has the privilege of running such an amazing race and I am thankful I was able to do it.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kansas Wine Trail...

Last weekend some friends and I took the Miami County Trolley on the Kansas Wine Trail.  Michelle and I had been on the wine trail before, but that was with Ken and it was by car.  Erinn had found the trolley online and thought it would be a fun fall activity.  Indeed it was.

We visited Night Hawk, Middle Creek, White Wind, and of course my favorite - Somerset Ridge.  Michelle and I have been to this winery so much that I feel like there should be a pavilion named after us.

All of us girls with the trolley

Katie and I rode in the very back of the trolley.  With the windows open, it was super windy!  Our hair was blowing in the wind!

All of us girls at Somerset Ridge

Jill and me 

Jill, Katie, and me

It was a beautiful day to be out and about!  I had a lot of fun chatting away and drinking wine.  Thank you Erinn for planning and thank you Melissa for the pictures.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Kansas City Half Marathon...

On Saturday, I ran the Kansas City Half Marathon.  I had not run this race since 2009 when my friend Laura came to Kansas City and ran it with me.

My friend Mike and I had a bet on who would run the faster half marathon time.  I like to tease Mike because he is (cough, cough) approaching 50.  The loser had to buy the winner breakfast.  I ended up running it in 1:55, which was a little surprising because the only true long run I have had since Ironman Louisville was a 9 miler several weeks ago.  I guess swimming and spin class both pay off.

Mike and me

Mike ended up buying Ken and me breakfast after the race.  I felt bad for him because his Achilles was hurt, but he told me he would never run another one, so there will be no shot at a rematch.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

St. Louis...

A few weeks ago Ken and I ventured off to St. Louis since our beloved Cardinals were in the NLDS.  We dropped Kya off at her hotel early Saturday morning and made our way across the state of Missouri.

We stopped to see Ken's parents for a while and then went downtown to check out all of the action.  We checked into our hotel and then walked down to Soulard to check out the Oktoberfest that was going on.  It turned out to be a bust since the line to get in was way too long.  We walked around for a bit and then stopped at a bar near the stadium for a drink.  I love me some Schlafy Pumpkin Ale.

With all of the Ferguson stuff going on, there were rumors that protested would be out in full force.  Luckily, it was uneventful.

Enjoying a few pregame cocktails

It was a beautiful, chilly night for a baseball game!

The Cardinals ended up losing,but it was fun to go to a playoff game.  I had never gone to a playoff game before, but Ken has been to a playoff or World Series game each year since 2004.

On another note, we received a call from Kya's daycare and she had to go to the emergency vet for stitches.  Apparently another dog bit her while they were playing.  I felt so horrible for her, but the vet said she was completely unaware that she was even getting stitches.  I guess our girl is pretty tough.

Bless her heart!