Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snowmageddon 2013...

Earlier in the week, the forecast was for 100% chance of snow on Thursday.  The thing is, the TV stations would not say exactly how much snow.  On Wednesday night the forecast was still unclear, but we knew we were going to get snow.  Then, at some point, it changed to Snowmageddon 2013 with 8-12 inches on its way.

There was zero visibility.  Good thing Ken agreed to go to Dunkin Donuts to get me coffee and donuts.

Kya spent as much time as possible outside.

Ken and Kya had so much fun playing together.  Okay, Kya may have had more fun than Ken.

We ended up with about 13 inches

Good thing Ken shoveled a walkway and "poop pad" for our princess husky.

And guess what?  The forecast is calling for another 6-12 inches of snow on Monday.

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