Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Riviera Maya: Day Six...

We woke up on Thursday and packed up to head out.  One good thing about flying on Thanksgiving is that the airports are completely dead and our flights were not full.  It was a nice change from our flight going to Mexico.

We are ready to get home to our three hooligans!

Happy Thanksgiving!  This was our lunch in the airport.  These were the best nachos I have had in quite some time.  We also had Dunkin Donuts when we landed in Dallas.  Don't feel too sorry for Ken, I made him an entire Thanksgiving meal on Friday.  If that does not make me wife of the year, I am not sure what will.  :)

Happy to be back in Kansas City and on the way to the car!

Thanks Ken, Rob, and Michelle for such a great time!

Riviera Maya: Day Five...

On Wednesday, Rob had another day of fishing, so that left Ken, Michelle, and me to waste the day away.  We decided to go over to the adults only Preferred Club Pool.  It was so quiet.  So quiet that it was just Michelle and me talking.  If you know Michelle and me, you know that we are two chatter boxes, with rather high voices.  I am sure we were not annoying at all.  :)

Ken looks like the definition of relaxed.  Too bad there is so much high pitched cackling coming from the area to his right.  

It was so quiet, except for Michelle and me.

We had been talking all morning about going crazy on some Cheetos and Doritos.  Michelle went to the gift shop and came back with both Cheetos and Munchies (which contains Doritos), all of this for only $20.  We ate ourselves sick.

We had several vodka/Sprite/cranberry cocktails.  I was drink to drink with Michelle, which never happens. Yes Heather, I bet there are glazed over eyes under those sunglasses!

Rob's model pose or creepy pose, whichever you prefer.  He ended up catching a huge fish on his final fishing expedition.

Goofy boys

This girl is ready to get home to sleep in her own bed!

We had a great last day in Mexico!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Riviera Maya: Day Four...

On Tuesday, we woke up to rain.  It turned out not to be a big deal because we were planning on going into Playa Del Carmen to go shopping.  The radar showed that it was sunny in Playa, so off we went.  Guess what, it was raining when we got there, so we had to go buy me an umbrella.  It is quite possible that I would melt in the rain.  :)

When we arrived downtown, we noticed there was a parade going on, so we stopped to watch for awhile.  These guys were wrestling around like crazy.

We asked around and learned that the parade was celebrating the Mexican Revolution.

Walking around, shopping in the rain

Michelle was trying to hide

But she decided to cooperate and smile

We stopped for a snack and margaritas at a cute local restaurant.  The salsa and queso dip was one of the best meals of the entire trip.  Who does not like cheese on top of cheese?

My crew

It was unusual to see police walking around carrying automatic weapons.  It is just everyday life in Mexico.

Rob had to stop for a picture.  I mean the erectile dysfunction drugs and gastrointestinal agents, a little ball of fun.

It was a great morning exploring Playa!

We went back to the resort and hit the pool.  This is Ken's model pose.  Hmm....

Relaxing at the pool

Ken and the ladies, he is such a goof ball!

The pool area at the resort was really pretty.  We only used it this one day, but it was really nice.  Ken, true to form, injured himself upon entering the pool.  He took a chunk out of his foot and it was gushing blood.  Only my husband.

We decided to stay in for the evening and order room service and relax.  I ended up doing a lot of this:

Laying in bed, in my robe, reading smut.  This is vacation after all!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Riviera Maya: Day Three...

On Monday, we woke up and went to the beach again.  Rob was gone for the day on his fishing trip, so that left Michelle to spend the day with us.  It was basically a hung over sandwich with me stuck right in the middle.  Let's just say that Ken and Michelle had WAAAAYYY too much fun the night before.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B
On a side note, Michelle is forever in debt to me for not posting the first picture I took of her.  You are welcome.  :)

The clouds rolled in and the wind picked up, so we called it a day and went back to our room.  It ended up being an early night for us, since Ken's cold got worse and he was not feeling well.  It was fine by me, I laid in bed and red my book.  

On a side note, Rob and I are both ordered tuna tar-tar at dinner and it may have been the worst thing I have ever put into my mouth.  It was horrible.  I thought I was being dramatic when I started gagging, but Rob was doing the same.  Dinner was just blah.  Up next, we head into Playa Del Carmen on Tuesday.

Riviera Maya: Day Two...

Our second day was spent almost entirely at the beach.  That is why we went to Mexico after all!  As you can see in the pictures below, it was a little cloudy.  That was a disappoint for Michelle and me, since we wanted to bake in the sun, but the boys were quite happy.

 I started my morning off with a little running on the treadmill.  Not a bad view, huh.  I had to do some quick math on the treadmill, since they configured in kilometers and not miles per hour.  See, I am good at math, that Algebra test does not know what it is talking about!

The best part of the entire trip was when Rob pulled down his swim trunks to reveal the beauty below.  Ken told him he just knew he was going to wear some short speedo like suit to embarrass us!  It was a sight to behold!

Rob sporting his very short swimsuit

For those of you that know Rob, you are not at all surprised that he did this!

Going all Baywatch

Sorry ladies, this one is married

Yeah, she is not embarrassed at all!

Rob and Michelle

Ken and me enjoying our day.  The clouds went away for a little while, but they came back eventually.

Ken decided to go for a little swim


Besties on the beach together

There was a gorgeous rainbow that appeared in the sky after a small shower.  It was such a pretty sight.

Someone is clearly already tired of the camera and my antics!

The other end of the rainbow visible from our balcony.  Maybe I should have swam out to the end to see if there was a pot of gold?  

I pretty much lived in this robe while we were in our room.

Getting ready to go to dinner

These two are trouble, 100% trouble

The humidity did quite the number on my hair.

Ready for a little sushi

Rob is so creepy...

Rob and Michelle are relieved to finally have eaten after being seating with a strange family at the hibachi.  

We were asked no less than 100 times if we were on our honeymoon.  I hope that means two things:  that we are still young looking and that we appear to still be fond of each other.  :)

As displayed in this photograph, this where things started to go downhill.  I am not sure if I should say bless my heart or bless her heart.  Michelle and red wine, it can be tricky.

Ken and our new friends Walter and Caroline, from Berlin Germany.  Ken spent hours talking to them about Germany and growing up during World War II.  They were so nice!

One final picture to finish the evening.

We had a great second day!