Sunday, November 25, 2012

Riviera Maya: Day Two...

Our second day was spent almost entirely at the beach.  That is why we went to Mexico after all!  As you can see in the pictures below, it was a little cloudy.  That was a disappoint for Michelle and me, since we wanted to bake in the sun, but the boys were quite happy.

 I started my morning off with a little running on the treadmill.  Not a bad view, huh.  I had to do some quick math on the treadmill, since they configured in kilometers and not miles per hour.  See, I am good at math, that Algebra test does not know what it is talking about!

The best part of the entire trip was when Rob pulled down his swim trunks to reveal the beauty below.  Ken told him he just knew he was going to wear some short speedo like suit to embarrass us!  It was a sight to behold!

Rob sporting his very short swimsuit

For those of you that know Rob, you are not at all surprised that he did this!

Going all Baywatch

Sorry ladies, this one is married

Yeah, she is not embarrassed at all!

Rob and Michelle

Ken and me enjoying our day.  The clouds went away for a little while, but they came back eventually.

Ken decided to go for a little swim


Besties on the beach together

There was a gorgeous rainbow that appeared in the sky after a small shower.  It was such a pretty sight.

Someone is clearly already tired of the camera and my antics!

The other end of the rainbow visible from our balcony.  Maybe I should have swam out to the end to see if there was a pot of gold?  

I pretty much lived in this robe while we were in our room.

Getting ready to go to dinner

These two are trouble, 100% trouble

The humidity did quite the number on my hair.

Ready for a little sushi

Rob is so creepy...

Rob and Michelle are relieved to finally have eaten after being seating with a strange family at the hibachi.  

We were asked no less than 100 times if we were on our honeymoon.  I hope that means two things:  that we are still young looking and that we appear to still be fond of each other.  :)

As displayed in this photograph, this where things started to go downhill.  I am not sure if I should say bless my heart or bless her heart.  Michelle and red wine, it can be tricky.

Ken and our new friends Walter and Caroline, from Berlin Germany.  Ken spent hours talking to them about Germany and growing up during World War II.  They were so nice!

One final picture to finish the evening.

We had a great second day!  

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