Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Riviera Maya: Day Four...

On Tuesday, we woke up to rain.  It turned out not to be a big deal because we were planning on going into Playa Del Carmen to go shopping.  The radar showed that it was sunny in Playa, so off we went.  Guess what, it was raining when we got there, so we had to go buy me an umbrella.  It is quite possible that I would melt in the rain.  :)

When we arrived downtown, we noticed there was a parade going on, so we stopped to watch for awhile.  These guys were wrestling around like crazy.

We asked around and learned that the parade was celebrating the Mexican Revolution.

Walking around, shopping in the rain

Michelle was trying to hide

But she decided to cooperate and smile

We stopped for a snack and margaritas at a cute local restaurant.  The salsa and queso dip was one of the best meals of the entire trip.  Who does not like cheese on top of cheese?

My crew

It was unusual to see police walking around carrying automatic weapons.  It is just everyday life in Mexico.

Rob had to stop for a picture.  I mean the erectile dysfunction drugs and gastrointestinal agents, a little ball of fun.

It was a great morning exploring Playa!

We went back to the resort and hit the pool.  This is Ken's model pose.  Hmm....

Relaxing at the pool

Ken and the ladies, he is such a goof ball!

The pool area at the resort was really pretty.  We only used it this one day, but it was really nice.  Ken, true to form, injured himself upon entering the pool.  He took a chunk out of his foot and it was gushing blood.  Only my husband.

We decided to stay in for the evening and order room service and relax.  I ended up doing a lot of this:

Laying in bed, in my robe, reading smut.  This is vacation after all!

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Melissa said...

Ok seriously what smut were you reading to keep you indoors so much? You've already knocked out 50 Shades I thought. I'm intrigued.