Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Riviera Maya: Day Five...

On Wednesday, Rob had another day of fishing, so that left Ken, Michelle, and me to waste the day away.  We decided to go over to the adults only Preferred Club Pool.  It was so quiet.  So quiet that it was just Michelle and me talking.  If you know Michelle and me, you know that we are two chatter boxes, with rather high voices.  I am sure we were not annoying at all.  :)

Ken looks like the definition of relaxed.  Too bad there is so much high pitched cackling coming from the area to his right.  

It was so quiet, except for Michelle and me.

We had been talking all morning about going crazy on some Cheetos and Doritos.  Michelle went to the gift shop and came back with both Cheetos and Munchies (which contains Doritos), all of this for only $20.  We ate ourselves sick.

We had several vodka/Sprite/cranberry cocktails.  I was drink to drink with Michelle, which never happens. Yes Heather, I bet there are glazed over eyes under those sunglasses!

Rob's model pose or creepy pose, whichever you prefer.  He ended up catching a huge fish on his final fishing expedition.

Goofy boys

This girl is ready to get home to sleep in her own bed!

We had a great last day in Mexico!

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