Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Riviera Maya: Day Six...

We woke up on Thursday and packed up to head out.  One good thing about flying on Thanksgiving is that the airports are completely dead and our flights were not full.  It was a nice change from our flight going to Mexico.

We are ready to get home to our three hooligans!

Happy Thanksgiving!  This was our lunch in the airport.  These were the best nachos I have had in quite some time.  We also had Dunkin Donuts when we landed in Dallas.  Don't feel too sorry for Ken, I made him an entire Thanksgiving meal on Friday.  If that does not make me wife of the year, I am not sure what will.  :)

Happy to be back in Kansas City and on the way to the car!

Thanks Ken, Rob, and Michelle for such a great time!

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michelle orr said...

Best Mexico trip ever!!! :). Thanks for taking all the pics and blogging about it. Good times, good times!!

Michelle aka Chatter Box #2 :)