Friday, November 20, 2009


Marathon weekend is here!  I checked and last year there were only 165 people that ran the full.  This is such a small race, but it should be fun.  I think it will feel like a training running since most of it will be on the trail Kya and I run on a lot. 

Here our my goals:

Plan A: 3:59:59
Plan B: 4:10
Plan C: Beat 4:23 even by a second

I have been really moody this week, which is just not me.  This is the first time ever that tappering has affected my mood.  I enjoy the higher mileage weeks, because that means I can eat more junk food.  I have tried to lay off the sugar this week and I think my body is too used to the high sugar intake!

Ken and Kya are planning on meeting me at miles14 and 20.  This portion of the course is out and back, and I am glad since I get to see them twice. 

Happy Weekend Eveyone!  I am off to watch Wicked this evening with girlfriends!  What a great way to start off the weekend!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I Knew Better....

Have you ever wanted to look at your self in the mirror and point and say I told you so?  That would be what I am doing regarding my recently purchased shoes. 

First let's back up a little.  Since I have become a serious runner, I have been wearing Saucony.  I was at first hesitate to buy them because they were blue.  I am such a girly girl and love pink on anything (except for my walls at home).  I told the salesman at my local running store that I preferred pink shoes and he reminded me that I should not buy RUNNING shoes for their color.  Whatever.  I bought the blue shoes.

I loved them.  Loved, loved them!  Knowing this, why on earth would I buy a different brand?  Why, well, I let my inner girly girl tell me that I could try something different that came in pink.  Insert Asics Gel-1140's.  Yep, I bought them.  They are a stability shoe like my Saucony's and are pink!  What is not to love??

They arrived last week.  I put them on and thought they felt a little stiff, but trying to love them since they are pink!  I took them out for a run and got a huge, I mean HUGE blister on my right foot.  I still made excuses for them, telling myself that I needed to break them in. I did not wear them during my half marathon on Saturday, because I was scared to.  Seriously Keri, you just bought new shoes and you are afraid to run in them?

I decided to walk in them Sunday morning while taking Miss Kya on a stroll.  Um yeah, we had to turn around and go home because the shoes were killing my feet.  I told Ken that they are evil shoes!

On Monday, I tucked my tail and ordered my blue Saucony's from Road Runner Sports and are sending the evil Asics back.  Sorry Saucony, I will not stray again.  Please forgive me and my desire to have a pink shoe.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taking it Easy...

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!  It was a great day, despite having to work all day.  Ken held out on giving me my present and birthday cake until way late in the evening.  It tends to do this to me to watch me get irritated.  I do not expect presents, but a cake is a must.

Once again he did not disappoint!  He got me the most amazing ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!  It is 100% chocolate and I love it!  He will not touch it, he thinks that it is too much chocolate.  I did not know that such a thing could exist!

I had every intention on doing speed work last night, but decided on my drive home that I would just do an easy four miler with Kya.  The thought of running in the dark was something I just did not want to deal with, but Kya needed some exercise too, so off we went.  My legs felt amazing and our average pace was 9:09 during the run, which happens to be my marathon goal pace. 

I am planning on going to the gym tonight to run on the treadmill there instead of mine in the basement.  I am going to run 800's or a tempo run.  I have not decided yet.  I will probably do 8:00's.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Last Race as a 28 Year Old!

I decided at the last minute to run in a half marathon on Saturday.  This was the third time I have run this race and it was even my first half marathon. 

Ken was out of town and for some reason he wanted me to run this race instead of running outside by myself.  I was using this race as a training run and finished in 2:06:XX.  Not my best time, but not my worst.  It was officially the last race for me as a 28 year old!

This morning Kya and I got up early and ran six miles.  Ken told me I was crazy and I told him that there is no better way to start my birthday than by getting up and running with my girl.  Oh and she heard me get up out of bed (the alarm had not even gone off yet) and was up in our room so excited!  I think I made her morning!

Friday, November 6, 2009

I Believe That is Called a Tempo Run!!!

I had HUGE tempo success on Wednesday!  I have decided to alternate speed intervals and tempo runs.  Last week I did intervals so this week was a tempo run.  I was not quite sure if I could do it or not, since it was dark out, but I borrowed Ken's headlamp again.  Once again, it looked pretty cute!

Here are my splits.  First off, I am not going to always post these, but when I am proud, I am just proud and will post them!

mile 1 - 9:15 warm up
mile 2 - 9:14 still warming up
mile 3 - 8:42
mile 4 - 8:04
mile 5 - 7:58
mile 6 - 8:29 cool down
.50 - 4:13 or 8:28 mile pace

Alright, who is the girl that ran a mile in 7:58!  I was trying to keep the pace around 8:40, since my goal marathon pace is around 9:09.  Wow, this run was a huge confidence booster.  Also, who runs an 8:29 mile to cool down?  Not this girl.  I am not sure where that pace came from, but it was very easy.  I am really, really hoping that I can run a four hour marathon in a few weeks.  I mailed my entry form today, so it is official!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Creepy Run....

Last night I ventured out with Miss Kya for our daily run.  Since it is dark by the time I get home from work, I have been running with Ken's headlamp.  Go ahead and laugh while you picture me wearing this crazy piece of equiptment, but it really does help on the streets where people do not turn on their porch lights. 

My neighborhood is still being developed.  It has slowed down a lot since 2007.  Behind our house is an open field that will one day be houses.  There is a half street with culd-a-sacs that is kind of behind our house and I will run Kya back there a lot, especially since we often get attacked by other dogs.  I have figured out a mile loop running in all of the culd-a-sacs and we run it to add some mileage. 

So last night my girl and I were on mile five.  We were crusining down to the dead end street with the headlamp shining away.  Did I mention that I have all of the culd-a-sacs mileage memorized?  I also know where the puddles lay after it rains and where any cracks are in the street.  Yes, I know, I need to get a life and stop being so observant, but I just cannot help it!  Anyway, we were running down the dead end street with no street lights.  I noticed an odd reflection at the end of the street, but kept going.  I thought maybe it was my light reflecting off of a sign or something so we kept going.  I get closer and notice that the reflection is not disappearing as I get closer or move the headlamp up or down.  I start getting creeped out, but keep going.  That is when I notice it is EYES!  Eyes to some sort of a creature that was just sitting there!  He was far enough away from me, but with the reflection I could tell those were two very distinct eyes staring at me!  I seriously almost peed my pants. 

Kya and I turned back to get the heck out of there!  We saw two ladies that were getting ready to walk down the street.  I told them about the eyes and they took off in the other direction.  We finished our run and then I stopped home and told Ken about the eyes.  He wanted to see them, so we ran down there and whatever it was had left.  I showed Ken the height of the eyes and we think it was probably a coyote!  Holy Moly! 

Total run: 6.75 miles
Six with Kya and .75 with Ken
Times I almost peed my pants: One

Monday, November 2, 2009

October Totals...

During the month of October I ran 162.60 miles.  A new PR for mileage!  I was also consist with doing speed work once a week.  Last week I tried doing intervals and a tempo run and I think that was a little too much speed work for me in a few days.  I know I eventually will be able to handle it, but I think I will stick to once a week speed work and then try a little more in December. 

My long run on Saturday was horrible, just horrible.  I went to Shawnee Mission Park to run a training run for the Pilgrim Pacer Half Marathon that takes place in November.  I ran this half marathon last year, and forgot how much I dislike this course.  It is really flat and then there is a mile long hill at the very end.  I think my legs were still tired from the speed work on Tuesday and Thursday and I should have just stayed home and run my usual course.  I kept telling myself not to run too fast but the only time I felt good during the run was when I was running at marathon pace. 

I went home complaining to Ken about how horrible it was and telling him that I have no idea why I think I can run a marathon in a few weeks.  It truly was one of those runs where I question why I run.  Ken gave me a nice pep talk and reminded me if it were easy, then everyone would do it.  I just hate how one long run is great and you feel like you could run forever and then one week later you struggle to run 14.5 miles.  I guess that is just the way that is goes.

I have new shoes that will be delivered this week.  I am branching out and trying Asics this time!