Friday, November 6, 2009

I Believe That is Called a Tempo Run!!!

I had HUGE tempo success on Wednesday!  I have decided to alternate speed intervals and tempo runs.  Last week I did intervals so this week was a tempo run.  I was not quite sure if I could do it or not, since it was dark out, but I borrowed Ken's headlamp again.  Once again, it looked pretty cute!

Here are my splits.  First off, I am not going to always post these, but when I am proud, I am just proud and will post them!

mile 1 - 9:15 warm up
mile 2 - 9:14 still warming up
mile 3 - 8:42
mile 4 - 8:04
mile 5 - 7:58
mile 6 - 8:29 cool down
.50 - 4:13 or 8:28 mile pace

Alright, who is the girl that ran a mile in 7:58!  I was trying to keep the pace around 8:40, since my goal marathon pace is around 9:09.  Wow, this run was a huge confidence booster.  Also, who runs an 8:29 mile to cool down?  Not this girl.  I am not sure where that pace came from, but it was very easy.  I am really, really hoping that I can run a four hour marathon in a few weeks.  I mailed my entry form today, so it is official!


aron said...

AWESOME job!!!! i usually find my cool down miles are pretty fast after a speedy tempo run :) it feels a lot slower!!

Wendy said...

You inspire me! Can't wait to hear about your marathon!

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

A mile in 7:58! Yay, You! Keep it up!