Friday, November 13, 2009

I Knew Better....

Have you ever wanted to look at your self in the mirror and point and say I told you so?  That would be what I am doing regarding my recently purchased shoes. 

First let's back up a little.  Since I have become a serious runner, I have been wearing Saucony.  I was at first hesitate to buy them because they were blue.  I am such a girly girl and love pink on anything (except for my walls at home).  I told the salesman at my local running store that I preferred pink shoes and he reminded me that I should not buy RUNNING shoes for their color.  Whatever.  I bought the blue shoes.

I loved them.  Loved, loved them!  Knowing this, why on earth would I buy a different brand?  Why, well, I let my inner girly girl tell me that I could try something different that came in pink.  Insert Asics Gel-1140's.  Yep, I bought them.  They are a stability shoe like my Saucony's and are pink!  What is not to love??

They arrived last week.  I put them on and thought they felt a little stiff, but trying to love them since they are pink!  I took them out for a run and got a huge, I mean HUGE blister on my right foot.  I still made excuses for them, telling myself that I needed to break them in. I did not wear them during my half marathon on Saturday, because I was scared to.  Seriously Keri, you just bought new shoes and you are afraid to run in them?

I decided to walk in them Sunday morning while taking Miss Kya on a stroll.  Um yeah, we had to turn around and go home because the shoes were killing my feet.  I told Ken that they are evil shoes!

On Monday, I tucked my tail and ordered my blue Saucony's from Road Runner Sports and are sending the evil Asics back.  Sorry Saucony, I will not stray again.  Please forgive me and my desire to have a pink shoe.


Wendy said...

Yep, I've tried them all and I LOVE Saucony!

Terri said...

"evil Asics" that's funny! I wear Asics and just ordered a new pair. I was so excited that they had watermelon colored stripes! But they don't feel the same as my last pair??? I totally understand wanting something other than blue. I had that same issue with these the first few years I wore them. Then they came out with the green color and I was happy again. Now my favorite color so far doesn't feel right...Oh, my inner girly girl just wants it all!!=D

Marathon Maritza said...

Hahahahaha this is my favorite post ever!!! I run in Sauconys too and have been running in them for about the last 5 years straight.

Which basically means I have been coveting pink shoes for 5 years straight. :-/

Maybe what we need to do is write a strongly-worded letter to Saucony asking them to PLEASE make their shoes in cute colors. I'm tired of blue. Why always BLUE!?!?!

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

I like shoes with blue on them and I like Asics 1140's, too. Funny!