Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taking it Easy...

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!  It was a great day, despite having to work all day.  Ken held out on giving me my present and birthday cake until way late in the evening.  It tends to do this to me to watch me get irritated.  I do not expect presents, but a cake is a must.

Once again he did not disappoint!  He got me the most amazing ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!  It is 100% chocolate and I love it!  He will not touch it, he thinks that it is too much chocolate.  I did not know that such a thing could exist!

I had every intention on doing speed work last night, but decided on my drive home that I would just do an easy four miler with Kya.  The thought of running in the dark was something I just did not want to deal with, but Kya needed some exercise too, so off we went.  My legs felt amazing and our average pace was 9:09 during the run, which happens to be my marathon goal pace. 

I am planning on going to the gym tonight to run on the treadmill there instead of mine in the basement.  I am going to run 800's or a tempo run.  I have not decided yet.  I will probably do 8:00's.


Marathon Maritza said...

I agree! The words 'too much chocolate' do not exist in my vocabulary in that combination. But now you don't have to share any of your cake!

Glad you had a great bday and have fun with your run tonight!

aron said...

i looooove ice cream cake <3 glad you are having a great birthday! happppy birthday!