Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016...

We had a very Merry Christmas and I hope you did too!  We have a things that have quickly turned into traditions at our house.  The first is taking Kya shopping to buy the kitties their Christmas presents.

Kya at Petco selecting the best canned kitty food she could find!  Canned kitty food is no joke at our house and only is given on special occasions.

Things kind of went down hill for Miss Kya when Ken suggested we put some antlers on her for a picture.  

If looks could kill.

She was a little happier in the santa hat, but still, she was not a fan.  She really makes a cute little Santa!

Our next big tradition is taking Angel to look at Christmas lights.  I know she is a cat, but she absolutely loves it!  She looks at the lights and really enjoys the car ride.  

Angel and me having a blast

This is one of my favorite things to do.  Can you believe Angel is 15???

We usually like to hike on Christmas Eve, but unfortunately it was too warm for that after we had a little snow and it was too muddy to hike.  Instead, we went for a long walk around Ironwoods Park and I got my pumpkin cinnamon rolls ready to go for Christmas morning.  I also whipped up a batch of gluhwein which made our whole house smell like a Christmas market.  It was a little bit of Heaven.  

We made dinner reservations Rye this year and sadly, were flying solo. Both the Orr's and the Dulle's were out of town, so Ken and I enjoyed dinner on our own.

Ken at Rye enjoying his favorite cocktail.

I ordered fried chicken and holy moly, look at all my food!  

After a delicious dinner at Rye, we drove to On the Border for a Christmas Eve tradition to have a margarita.  

One grande margarita for this guy please!
It is clearly not Christmas Eve without a margarita

Another great Christmas Eve!

Next up was pajamas and a movie

There was a little snuggling on the couch when we got home.

A full on snugglefest was happening.  

Three of my sweeties on Christmas morning

Angel and Theo getting all the goodies from their stockings

Yes, Theo's tail is up 95% of the time, it is like a flag.

"Hurry and get my stocking down mom, Santa came!"

Enjoying Christmas morning with my girls

Kya was very interesting in all the present opening.  Ken was opening his gift from Angel...a bottle of Baileys.  (Notice the two kitties on the stairs?)

Ken really had no idea what was in this one.  It was a one liter stein from the Hofbrauhaus in Munich.

Kya and me on Christmas morning

Angel had to check out all of her loot.

After breakfast we hit the trail for a walk.  Usually we go to the dog park, but it was too warm and muddy.  Kya did not complain about a walk.

After our walk, I ran and then immediately put my pajamas back on and we had lunch.  I made meatballs, Hawaiian ham sandwiches, corn dip, along with meat, cheese, and crackers.  We really had too much food for just the two of us, but it was all delicious!

Afterward, we lounged around and watched movies for the rest of the day.

Christmas Vacation

Home Alone

A little yummy gluhwein

Ken testing out his new one liter stein

The sign of a great Christmas!

That was our Christmas!  I am always a little sad that when it is over.  I really do love the Christmas season and everything it entails.  I am enjoying our Christmas decorations a little longer until I am finished studying for the ever so fun NCLEX.  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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