Monday, December 26, 2016

A Graduation Celebration!

The day after graduation, Ken had an exciting celebration planned.  It was not a surprise, but he did plan the entire thing, which was super sweet of him.  I may not have been excited about the graduation, but I was certainly excited about my gathering with friends.

The celebration was held at Somerset Ridge, a place that we have been hanging out at since 2008.  It was such a fun day filled with friends, family, wine, and cake.  It was a great time.  I will let the majority of the pictures do the talking.

Everyone enjoying wine and the charcuterie plate.

Michelle and Jill having fun

Katie and me

One of the big things that day was the discussion of scrotal edema.  You see, it seems to follow me all over the hospital.  No matter where I go, I come across a patient with scrotal edema.  The discussion started that day when Scott insisted I open my presents because he had written scrotal edema in his card.  He was pretty proud of himself.  Katie said we should make bets on how many cards mentioned scrotal edema because she knew of at least two...ha, ha!  Our friends I tell ya!

Michelle demonstrating an uncircumcised penis with scrotal edema.  You cannot make this stuff up!

With our good friend Scott.  Scott and I worked together at Oakwood and I had no idea when I met him over 10 years ago that we would be such good friends.  I miss seeing him every day.

Ken says that this is one of the funniest pictures of the day because no one is that excited for cake.  Well, this girl is!  I love me some cake, especially chocolate on chocolate cake!

This was such a delicious cake from 3 Women and an Oven

Getting ready to blow out my candle and being super embarrassed about some of the jokes about me blowing out a candle.  I am explaining that I am a modest young lady!

Jill and me.  Jill was my very first friend in Kansas City and I am so glad that we met over 11 years ago!

With my three besties.  I love these three to pieces.

A great representation of the day!

All of us girls

Our friend Jane and me

Linda and Bill celebrated with us and were super proud of their new nurse!

A great picture of Michelle and Rob.  

After the winery, it was determined that none of us had any food at home so Rob, Michelle, Mike, Katie, and us decided to go to Tanners for dinner and more drinks. Joe and Laura, who could not make it to the winery, met up with us too.

Mike and Katie at Tanners

Katie, Laura, Michelle, and me

There is so much going on in this photo.  Mainly, Michelle had made it rain Kleenex earlier and she is getting one back!

Joe and me

If you know Michelle and me, you understand this photo.  Drink your water girl!

The entire weekend was unbelievable.  I received so many wonderful gifts, all of which were completely unexpected.  I feel so grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life.  Ken really out did himself with such a great weekend and celebration.  He sure knows how to spoil his girl.  Oh, he finished the weekend off with breakfast at IHOP.  Nothing says love to me quite like pumpkin pancakes.  

One of my gifts from my mother in law.  

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