Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we spent Thanksgiving with Rob and Michelle.  It had been since 2012 when we traveled home from Mexico since we had spent the holiday with them, so it was high time we did.  Michelle was gracious enough to host us and that meant that Miss Kya got to join in on the festivities!

Best friends and Friends Thanksgiving episodes.  It does not get much better.

We also had wine, lots and lots of wine.

Our day was very low key.  We watched TV, played Guesstures and watched the dogs play.  Side note:  Michelle and I always freak Ken and Rob out with how well we seem to know what the other is thinking while playing games.  It is clear that we share a brain.

This picture really sums up our Thanksgiving day

Some major bone chewing happened

Kya NEVER chews on bones at home, but when your besties are chewing on one, you have to act the part.

Charlee and Boise were napping and I caught Kya outside taking in the view and the cool air.  

The sign of an amazing Thanksgiving day.  There is nothing like playing all day and passing out at your besties' house!

Thanks again to Rob and Michelle for hosting us!  We had such a wonderful day with you guys.

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