Sunday, April 10, 2016

Life Lately...

Life the past week or so has been all about spending time with friends.  Last Monday I got to join our friend Jane at the Olive Tree for a cooking class by the famous Kansas City chef, Jasper.  The theme was Spring time in Italy and we got to taste some delicious food.  My favorites were the flat breads and of course, the gelato.

The most delicious gelato that has ever been in my mouth and you know I have had my fair share of gelato.

Jane and me full of yummy Italian food.

Last Sunday, Somerset Ridge was having their release of their rose wine.  Well, rose wine is a Jackson favorite, so it was a must to go.  Sadly, Ken had plans to play golf, so Jill joined me for an afternoon of rose drinking.  We snacked, drank, and gabbed.  It was a fabulous girls day.

Cheers for rose!

Jill and I had a great day at the winery, despite the horrible wind we were having that day.

Kya and I were happy about our Cardinals playing on opening day.  We were sad that they lost, but are glad that baseball is on.  With baseball being on, Ken will be glued to the TV.  Hopefully Ken and I will be able to catch a game in person this year.

On Tuesday we watched Katie be sworn in as the Olathe judge.  We are so very proud of her and are excited for her new position.  

Mike, Katie, and Braeson.  I just adore Mr. Braeson!

That has been our life lately.  Only three more weeks of class and then my final and school's out for Summer! Have a good week!

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