Monday, April 18, 2016

Back to Back Husky Hikes...

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday is load up in the car, stop for a latte, and head towards Perry Lake for a hike with Ken and Kya.  Fortunately, we have had some pretty mild weather lately, so we got to do this on back to back Saturdays.

Kya never turns down a hike.  Never.

Our favorite area to hike at Perry Lake is on the Old Military trail.  You have the choice of two different trail heads at this spot.  We chose the less hilly side on this first day.  

Kya and me.  This girl sure does love to hike!

Our best attempt at a family picture.

We hiked around eight miles and then made our way into Lawrence for lunch and beers.  This and the hiking go hand in hand for us to make a day of it!

Two Alley-Oop Dunkels and some sunshine, yes please!

Ken enjoyed his day of hiking with his girls!
The sign of a successful day for a husky!  

This past Saturday we decided we could not pass up the beautiful day and drove to Perry Lake yet again.  This time we went the opposite direction, which is a hillier hike. It is my favorite trail to hike on in Kansas.  We ended up hiking around 10 miles up and down the lake.

These two had a lot of fun hiking!

The hike from Kya's point of view.  

The wild flowers have bloomed!  The blue heart flower is my favorite.

With the weather warming up, our hiking opportunities are getting more limited.  The weeds are starting to grow and the snakes are coming out.  We ended up seeing two snakes on our hike this past week.  Eew!!!  

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