Tuesday, April 5, 2016


We have very simple Easter traditions in our house:  brunch and the zoo.  Basically, we like cocktails and elephants!

This year we went to Voltaire for brunch.  It did not disappoint and we will definitely be back.  I was hooked once I had one of their yummy cinnamon rolls!

In our house, brunch always includes bloody Mary's and mimosas!

This cinnamon roll was delicious!  Those are brandied cherries you see. Yummo!

The weather was not super wonderful Easter morning.  In fact, it was snowing.  The snow did not last for long, but it was still pretty chilly out.  It was not too cold for us to venture off to the zoo.  Apparently, we were a few of the only people in Kansas City that was braving the zoo.  

I had to take a picture because we have never had rock star parking at the zoo before!  It was like our own private zoo.

Since it was on the chilly side, we did not get to see all of the animals like we would have on a nicer day.  In my opinion it is almost worth it not to have to deal with the stroller mania that is usually at the zoo.  I was only disappointed that I did not see the chimps.  You win some, you lose some.  

The stare down.  We walked around the corner and this guy was hanging out on the path.  He waited quite a while to move too.

The elephants' habitat was under construction, and for a moment, I thought we might not get to see them.  We saw some zoo workers walking llamas and they told us where to go to see the elephants.  Ken and I also got to pet the llamas!  

The elephants were getting ready to be let out of their sleeping area and have some lunch.  I was very excited to see the elephants eat hay.  I had no idea that they ate hay.

Lunch is served

Sweet little elephant

The hay always tastes better on the other side of the fence!

I love the elephants!

The sun finally came out and made it a beautiful day!

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