Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Day in the Life...

I thought it would be fun to document a day in the life of what it is like for me being at home right now.  Soon enough, it will be back to reality, so I wanted to document what a typical day is like.  I decided to document this past Tuesday.  The main reason I chose Tuesday is because I have a love hate relationship with Tuesdays.  I am always at home on Tuesdays and I am sometimes really happen about that and sometimes super sad about the fact that I do not have a place to go to on a daily basis.  What a shame, right?

Rise and shine at 7:13 am.  You can tell by my screenshot that I shamefully enjoy playing Candy Crush and other like games.  

Coffee is the most important part of my morning.  I absolutely love my Keurig 2.0!

Theodore was my buddy while I was enjoying my coffee.

Ken was at home with me in the morning because he had an early morning conference call.  The best part about the call was when Kya knew he was on the phone and started howling at the back door.  A girl has got to have attention, you know?

She got her way and decided to go back to bed for a bit.

While I enjoy my coffee, I usually watch the Today Show.  I absolutely adore Matt Lauer.  On Tuesday I happened to notice there was some purple on the plaza that looked quite familiar.

It was March for Babies day on the Plaza!  Don't forget about March for Babies Kansas City on May 1st!

Around 8:30, I took on the never ending task of laundry.  Laundry seems to be a fact of life kind of like paying taxes and dying.  

After all the fun I had folding laundry, I got dressed for a run.  It was in the 50's at the time, which means I had a partner join me.

Kya is very patiently waiting on me to put her harness on her.  She was so excited to go for a run!

After our run, Kya decided to celebrate.  Who doesn't sprint laps after running???

While Kya was celebrating, Angel was playing with mice and Theodore was taking a nap.  They obviously suffer a great deal.  

While all the hooligans were busy, I did home work and watched Grey's Anatomy reruns.  I had to work on a disaster nursing project via the American Red Cross.  

After my exciting disaster stuff, I did a little research for our upcoming vacation.  I am oh so excited about it!

To end our day alone, Kya and I went for a walk.  A run and a walk in the same day makes for a very spoiled husky!

Ken got home around 6:00 and we left to run a few errands.  We stopped at Martin City Brewery for a little dinner and a drink.

Fire, beer, and a pizza on the way is not a bad Tuesday night!

It was then off to bed to watch Friends on Nick at Nite.  Can you guess what episode this is?  

That is a basic Tuesday for me!  I enjoyed this Tuesday more than others because the weather was nice enough for Kya and me to get out and about.  The only thing I missed doing that she and I usually do is walk  to Starbucks.  :)  All and all, it was a nice little Tuesday.  I am sure I will miss these days once I am working full time again.  

Have a good week!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Come Fly With Me...

Last week, Ken and I did something that we had not done since we were kids:  we flew a kite.  Neither of us could even remember the last time we had flown one.  I would definitely say it has been 25 years or so.  I forgot just how much fun flying a kite is!

It took a few minutes to get the hang of it.  There may have been an incident where the kite came spiraling down and I almost peed my pants from laughter.  Alas, we flew the kite 800 feet above Ironwoods Park.

Ken enjoyed being a kid again!

There is a tiny dot toward the top of the photo.  That is the kite!

I had so much fun flying the kite!  

Thanks for suggestion such a simple, fun evening Ken! I love doing things that I did as a kid.  :)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Back to Back Husky Hikes...

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday is load up in the car, stop for a latte, and head towards Perry Lake for a hike with Ken and Kya.  Fortunately, we have had some pretty mild weather lately, so we got to do this on back to back Saturdays.

Kya never turns down a hike.  Never.

Our favorite area to hike at Perry Lake is on the Old Military trail.  You have the choice of two different trail heads at this spot.  We chose the less hilly side on this first day.  

Kya and me.  This girl sure does love to hike!

Our best attempt at a family picture.

We hiked around eight miles and then made our way into Lawrence for lunch and beers.  This and the hiking go hand in hand for us to make a day of it!

Two Alley-Oop Dunkels and some sunshine, yes please!

Ken enjoyed his day of hiking with his girls!
The sign of a successful day for a husky!  

This past Saturday we decided we could not pass up the beautiful day and drove to Perry Lake yet again.  This time we went the opposite direction, which is a hillier hike. It is my favorite trail to hike on in Kansas.  We ended up hiking around 10 miles up and down the lake.

These two had a lot of fun hiking!

The hike from Kya's point of view.  

The wild flowers have bloomed!  The blue heart flower is my favorite.

With the weather warming up, our hiking opportunities are getting more limited.  The weeds are starting to grow and the snakes are coming out.  We ended up seeing two snakes on our hike this past week.  Eew!!!  

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Life Lately...

Life the past week or so has been all about spending time with friends.  Last Monday I got to join our friend Jane at the Olive Tree for a cooking class by the famous Kansas City chef, Jasper.  The theme was Spring time in Italy and we got to taste some delicious food.  My favorites were the flat breads and of course, the gelato.

The most delicious gelato that has ever been in my mouth and you know I have had my fair share of gelato.

Jane and me full of yummy Italian food.

Last Sunday, Somerset Ridge was having their release of their rose wine.  Well, rose wine is a Jackson favorite, so it was a must to go.  Sadly, Ken had plans to play golf, so Jill joined me for an afternoon of rose drinking.  We snacked, drank, and gabbed.  It was a fabulous girls day.

Cheers for rose!

Jill and I had a great day at the winery, despite the horrible wind we were having that day.

Kya and I were happy about our Cardinals playing on opening day.  We were sad that they lost, but are glad that baseball is on.  With baseball being on, Ken will be glued to the TV.  Hopefully Ken and I will be able to catch a game in person this year.

On Tuesday we watched Katie be sworn in as the Olathe judge.  We are so very proud of her and are excited for her new position.  

Mike, Katie, and Braeson.  I just adore Mr. Braeson!

That has been our life lately.  Only three more weeks of class and then my final and school's out for Summer! Have a good week!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


We have very simple Easter traditions in our house:  brunch and the zoo.  Basically, we like cocktails and elephants!

This year we went to Voltaire for brunch.  It did not disappoint and we will definitely be back.  I was hooked once I had one of their yummy cinnamon rolls!

In our house, brunch always includes bloody Mary's and mimosas!

This cinnamon roll was delicious!  Those are brandied cherries you see. Yummo!

The weather was not super wonderful Easter morning.  In fact, it was snowing.  The snow did not last for long, but it was still pretty chilly out.  It was not too cold for us to venture off to the zoo.  Apparently, we were a few of the only people in Kansas City that was braving the zoo.  

I had to take a picture because we have never had rock star parking at the zoo before!  It was like our own private zoo.

Since it was on the chilly side, we did not get to see all of the animals like we would have on a nicer day.  In my opinion it is almost worth it not to have to deal with the stroller mania that is usually at the zoo.  I was only disappointed that I did not see the chimps.  You win some, you lose some.  

The stare down.  We walked around the corner and this guy was hanging out on the path.  He waited quite a while to move too.

The elephants' habitat was under construction, and for a moment, I thought we might not get to see them.  We saw some zoo workers walking llamas and they told us where to go to see the elephants.  Ken and I also got to pet the llamas!  

The elephants were getting ready to be let out of their sleeping area and have some lunch.  I was very excited to see the elephants eat hay.  I had no idea that they ate hay.

Lunch is served

Sweet little elephant

The hay always tastes better on the other side of the fence!

I love the elephants!

The sun finally came out and made it a beautiful day!