Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ken's Birthday! (A Wee Bit Late...)

Happy Birthday Ken!  Thank goodness he does not wait around for me to blog in order to wish him a happy day.

February 14th is the day of love for most, but for me it is the celebration of that sweet husband of mine being born.  It is the one day that he will let me make a fuss over him and pay for everything.  Fortunately for me, he is a super cheap date and always wants Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  Don't worry, he started this request well before I became an unemployed nursing student.  :)

Like last year, we decided to spend the Saturday prior to his birthday taking a self guided brewery tour around Kansas City.  Obviously, Mike and Katie joined us.  I am not sure we can make our way, drinking around Kansas City without them.

Our first stop was Grinders for little grub.  Ken also made the mistake of ordering a $12 beer.  I mean, I realize that I was paying and all, but $12 for one beer?  Geeze, it is going to be an expensive day!  In reality, Ken felt so horrible about ordering such an expensive 12 oz beer and he still will talk about it.  I guess you know it is true love when he will spend hundreds buying Tory Burch shoes, yet feels horrible about a $12 beer...

Our foursome walking around downtown Kansas City.  It was the coldest day of the year too.

We hit up Double Shift Brewing Co next and did go to Border Brewing as well.  We did not get a picture at Border Brewing Co because Katie and I were freezing and the boys announced that we would be walking to Torn Label, straight into the wind. 

Katie, Mike, Ken and me at Double Shift

The Birthday Boy, trying to look tough at Torn Label.  This ended up being his favorite beer of the day (besides our faithful Dunkel), but I cannot remember what it is called.

This is a picture of what Trouble looks like.  :)

If the picture of Mike and Ken is trouble, this is a picture Innocence.  

After our walking tour, we made our way to our favorite place, KC Bier Co.  I must say, I drove us a way that I had never been before and saw a few new areas of Kansas City on the way.  I guess I should leave my three mile radius more often.  

A Russ'n and a Dunkel make for a happy couple.  

Ken loves ordering one liters of beer.  Ken loves order one liters of beer in Germany more!

Finishing up the night at Buffalo Wild Wings with a shot of Fireball!

On his birthday, Ken requested Imo's for dinner.  He is a St. Louis boy after all.  It was a night eating Imo's and enjoying a Gigi's cupcake, yummy!

One St. Louis box coming right up!

In reality, the cupcakes were really at my request, but Ken did not hesitate to eat his red velvet!

Happy Birthday Ken!

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