Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Arizona Hiking: The Superstition Mountains...

Are friend in Arizona kept suggesting that Ken and I check out the Superstition Mountains.  On our final day in Phoenix, we did just that.  It was kind of a last minute decision and I was already dressed for the day in normal clothes.  Since we decided we were going to hike, there was a wardrobe change in the car, a small car to be exact.

After a quick change, we set off to hike Siphon Draw Trail.  Boy, was it hot out.  It was a little later in the day than our other hikes and we were completely in the sun. I know, the sun in Arizona, how maddening!

Ready for our final hike of the trip!

The Superstition Mountains

One of the things I liked about our hikes in Arizona this time was that they were all completely different scenery.

We were originally going to hike about 7 miles or so, but decided to cut it short.  We turned around about 2.5 miles up since we still needed to leave time for a brewery stop and In-N-Out.  You know, priorities.

My happy hiker

Heading back down the trail.

Our beloved cactus

I think he enjoyed his Arizona hiking!

Our quick hike in the Superstition Mountains was a great introduction to this area.  We of course wish we would of had more time, but this just gives us a reason to come back to check it out again.

Hiking is not complete without a little beer tasting!

While we are quite fond of the Rocky Mountains and the Alps, we also love the desert.  There is just something about it that we really enjoy.  I know we will be back to Arizona again soon, but up next is a wonderful trip to the Alps!  We cannot wait for more hiking in Europe!

Thanks for the Arizona Adventure Ken!

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