Friday, August 21, 2015

Colorado: Day 3...

We woke up on Friday ready to hit the road.  We loaded up the car to make our way to Breckenridge for the morning.  We hit up a Daylight Donuts for lattes and donuts, which is the best way to start the day for this caffeine/sugar loving girl!

Our plan was to hike Mohawk Lakes, which would take us up to 11,800 feet, just below tree line.

Ken and Kya looking like they belong in the mountains.  A side note, this area was super swampy and Miss Kya decided that she would trample thru the mud.  I quickly deemed her her father's daughter, because I would never willingly get that dirty.  She seemed to have a blast and did not mind having black chicken legs.

We saw less wild flowers on this hike, but the scenery was still beautiful.

Kya is always so unsure of herself in the water.  She does not really like water to go above her knees.  I was quite pleased that she was washing the mud off of her little chicken legs.

Us girls making our way higher and higher!

Just hiking along surrounded by pines

We were getting high enough to see mountains for miles and miles.

We arrived at the lower lake and Kya was super excited to get in the alpine lake.  I guess I should say that she was anxious to dip her feet in it, because there is no way that girl was going to go swimming.

Kya taking a dip in the lake.  She did not go in any further, but was so concerned about the rocks in the lake.  I think she was almost curious enough to take off after them.  Almost.

Two little hiker girls at Mohawk Lake

Kya posing in the lake.  I am not sure if she saw something interesting or if she was just posing for her parents.  

We always receive a ton of compliments about Kya.  People are always saying how pretty she is and we always politely say thank you.  The best compliment that we received was when we were asked how old Kya is.  People were shocked to hear that she is almost nine years old.  People kept telling us how great she looks for that age and how well she gets around.  It was the best compliment for us, because we pride ourselves on keeping Kya active and fit.  Kya loves to run with her mama and hike with her dad.  We are lucky have a dog that keeps both of us active and fit as well.

I know I might be biased, but these two were the cutest pair on the trail.

"Wait mom, I did not know you have Scoobie Snacks!"

Ken has such a love for the outdoors. I hope everyday that we will be hiking and enjoying the mountains together for the rest of our lives.  

Our attempt at a family picture.  At least the guy taking it let me get my arm around Ken before he took it.  I am glad Kya was looking at the camera, even if the man taking the picture called her a boy.  Next time she goes on vacation, I am slapping a pink bow on her head.  

Ken and Kya stopping at the mining ruins.

This was one of my favorite pictures from the day.  

We had a beautiful day for a 8 mile hike.

After our hike, we made our way to downtown Breckenridge.  This place was hopping.  It seems like that is where most people with kids stay, with all of the activities on the different peaks.  As two people that do not have children, we are glad we chose to stay in Vail instead.  

We had a little lunch and found a cozy corner cafe that we stopped at for a drink.  We sat outside on the lawn and watched the thunderstorm begin to roll in.  Poor Kya was so tired, and people kept coming up and telling her how pretty she is.  I know, it must be so exhausting being so effortlessly beautiful.  The girl takes it in stride, what can I say!

We left Breckenridge and decided to stop in Frisco.  We loved Frisco!  Mark my word, if we ever own a piece of paradise in the mountains, it will be in Frisco.  We walked around and found a cafe for a latte.  While we were sitting outside I gave Kya a dog treat.  I guess she wanted to save it for later,because she buried it in the mulch.  Doomsday prepper everyone! She is so precious.

She ended up with mulch all over her nose.  It was hilarious.

She was quite proud of herself and quite grumpy at this point.  All of the hiking and stimulation was starting to wear this girl out!

After we made our way back to our townhouse, we had a really bored night.  We had plans to wake up very early in the morning on Saturday to hike up Mt. Elbert.  Everyone was pretty tired from the two days of hiking and exploring.  

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