Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Colorado: Days 1 & 2...

We just returned from a wonderful getaway to beautiful Vail, CO!  In the past, we have gone over Labor Day, but with school starting today, Ken wanted to take me on a trip before.  It was a very fun trip, filled with lots of hiking, beer tasting, and hanging out.

Guess who made the trip with us?

Road trippin' like a boss

Kya was a wonderful passenger.  She and I rode in back seat together for a while and watched a movie while Ken drove us.  He sure does love his girls.

We took our time driving and arrived in Vail at 4:00 pm.  We were tired, but were ready to relax.

Does this girl look like she is ready for mountain air or what?

We rented a townhouse in East Vail and it was one block from a bus stop.  Ken and I rode the bus into Vail Village for dinner and drinks.  While we were sitting at the bus stop, I turned to Ken and I told him I felt like I was Forrest Gump.  I had never waited at a bus stop before.  :)

We wandered around Vail Village for a bit and both decided to call it an early night because you know, we are not the party animals that we used to be.

We woke up on Thursday morning and felt refreshed!  We were ready to tackle an easy hike. We decided on Booth Falls, which is a popular hike in Vail, so we left pretty early to beat the crowd. The scenery was beautiful and the company was just as great.

Kya deemed herself a mountain dog after her first hike

Beautiful scenery

My two favorite hiking partners

Kya and me

In previous trips, we had never been this high in the mountains, without hiking Pikes Peak, so we had never seen the wild flowers.  It was a beautiful sight to see!

Colorado wild flowers

Kya thought it was important to play in the wild flowers to get the full experience.

The aspen trees were quite abundant as well

These two were two peas in a pod on the hikes.  
My favorite picture of the day

We laughed because just about everyone we saw made a comment about Kya, including guessing what kind of dog she is.  A 10 year old Ken was the only one to say, hey look at the Siberian Husky.  We thought that was quite funny.

We hiked about 8 miles total and then made our way to a brewery for a little beer tasting.

When in Colorado.  I really liked their wheat beer and the gluten free beer they had.  I do not do gluten free stuff, but when the brew master said it had a lot of strawberry and other berry flavors, I was sold.

Kya also enjoyed some refreshments

Ken never missed an opportunity to try a stout!

After our afternoon at Vail Brewing Co, we went back to our townhouse and everyone chilled out for a few hours.  Ken and I rode the bus back to Vail Village out for drinks and dinner.  We ended up at a German restaurant for a little taste of Germany.

We always say yes to a liter of German beer!


Vail Village

The clouds really started to roll in as we were enjoying our dinner.

Vail Village

We finished off the night with Apple Studel, or at least I did, and then we made our way back to our townhouse to call it a night.  It was such a wonderful, full day.

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