Saturday, August 22, 2015

Colorado: Day 4...

We had our alarms set for 4:00 am to get up and hike Mt. Elbert.  Ken got up and then came back to bed and told me that we should wait until Sunday.  Kya still seemed pretty tired and a little sore and we did not want to push it with her.  So, our decision was made, we would wait and hike Mt. Elbert on Sunday.  Back to bed we went.

Poor, tired Kya had been having way too much fun!  She looks so precious while she is sleeping, and obviously spoiled with her head on the pillow.

Instead of hiking all day, we ended up driving to Leadville and leaving Kya at the townhouse.  I was so excited about seeing Leadville, especially since I hope to one day run the Leadville 100 trail run.

On our way to Leadville, we stopped in Minturn for breakfast.  At the suggestion of our friend Scott, we went to the Turntable for a boo.  It was an interesting place, but our food was really good!

We drove highway 24 to Leadville and it was super steep and windy.  It seemed like the drive took forever, but the views were incredible!

Hello Mt. Elbert on the left and Mt. Massive on the right.

When we arrived in Leadville, we quickly realized that the Leadville MTB 100 race was taking place.  I would have been more excited about the trail run that is happening this weekend, but I was still excited to see the race. 

I wanted to drive to Twin Lakes, which is on both the mountain bike and trail run course just to see the views.  

A mountain biker making his way along the trail

The views around Leadville were beautiful!

Ken pointing to the summit of Mt. Elbert where we were hiking to the next day.  I think he was really questioning why he allows me to suggest such extreme things???

After Twin Lakes, we drove back to downtown and had a snack and some drinks.  We walked by the finish line of the race and sat there for a bit to see if any finishers would come in.  So far only the 1-4th place finishers had made their way in.  It was fun to imagine people coming across the finish line of the run after 28 hours on foot.  Maybe one of these days...

The Leadville Trail 100 MTB finish line

We left Leadville and decided to go to Frisco for the remainder of the afternoon.  I told you, we loved Frisco!  

Downtown Frisco

After Frisco, it was early to bed for our Mt. Elbert hike for real this time!

The end of another wonderful day!

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