Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Fox...

I am a huge animal lover, huge! I often name the wild animals that appear at our house.  We have had Francis the Fox, Chester the Chipmunk, The Robinsons the Rabbits, and many, many more.  Basically, I love animals.

You can imagine how excited I was today when I was working on my laptop in our hearth room and I saw a fox appear outside our fence in the backyard.  I squealed, I was trying to taking pictures, and was just oh so excited!

I was trying to text Ken a picture of Francis the Fox, when suddenly Francis's lady friend appeared!  I was screaming and managed to get a picture of the lady friend.

I called Ken and told him about my siting and he thought it was so cool that I saw Francis and his lady friend and that I was so excited.

I text him a few pictures after I hung up with him.  A few minutes later, Ken called me back.  He told me that he was very sorry, he was calling with bad news.  Apparently the fox, was not a fox.

That's right, the "fox" and the "lady friend" were both actually coyotes.


What I thought was Francis the Fox, but actually is Mr. Coyote

You can see how concerned Kya is that a coyote is behind her.

The lady friend making a mad dash

At first, I thought Ken was lying to me about the animals being coyotes. I Googled a coyote and it turns out, they were both coyotes.

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