Friday, July 17, 2015

Lazy Days...

With the recent heat advisory we seem to be under, every single day, combine with me working from home over the summer, we have had some extremely lazy days.

All three hooligans just love sitting with mom, but there has been a little bit of cabin fever and tensions developing in the house.  It seems like Kya likes to play kitty police.  Ken thinks she is quite good at it, but still, tensions are high.  Hurry up Fall!

Kya is never very far from me while I am working.

Angel sleeps best when she utilizes her tail.  If you got it, use it, right?

Theodore gets my vote for Associate of the Month.  Look at how cute he is working on the laptop!

I know they are fur children, but I really do enjoy spending the days with them, even if I repeatedly say things like, "that is not how we behave in this house" or "You are not in charge of the cats, Kya!"  

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