Friday, October 24, 2014

Kansas City Half Marathon...

On Saturday, I ran the Kansas City Half Marathon.  I had not run this race since 2009 when my friend Laura came to Kansas City and ran it with me.

My friend Mike and I had a bet on who would run the faster half marathon time.  I like to tease Mike because he is (cough, cough) approaching 50.  The loser had to buy the winner breakfast.  I ended up running it in 1:55, which was a little surprising because the only true long run I have had since Ironman Louisville was a 9 miler several weeks ago.  I guess swimming and spin class both pay off.

Mike and me

Mike ended up buying Ken and me breakfast after the race.  I felt bad for him because his Achilles was hurt, but he told me he would never run another one, so there will be no shot at a rematch.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

St. Louis...

A few weeks ago Ken and I ventured off to St. Louis since our beloved Cardinals were in the NLDS.  We dropped Kya off at her hotel early Saturday morning and made our way across the state of Missouri.

We stopped to see Ken's parents for a while and then went downtown to check out all of the action.  We checked into our hotel and then walked down to Soulard to check out the Oktoberfest that was going on.  It turned out to be a bust since the line to get in was way too long.  We walked around for a bit and then stopped at a bar near the stadium for a drink.  I love me some Schlafy Pumpkin Ale.

With all of the Ferguson stuff going on, there were rumors that protested would be out in full force.  Luckily, it was uneventful.

Enjoying a few pregame cocktails

It was a beautiful, chilly night for a baseball game!

The Cardinals ended up losing,but it was fun to go to a playoff game.  I had never gone to a playoff game before, but Ken has been to a playoff or World Series game each year since 2004.

On another note, we received a call from Kya's daycare and she had to go to the emergency vet for stitches.  Apparently another dog bit her while they were playing.  I felt so horrible for her, but the vet said she was completely unaware that she was even getting stitches.  I guess our girl is pretty tough.

Bless her heart!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hamburger Mary's...

Ever since we went to charity bingo at Hamburger Mary's back in June, Jill has talked about going there for her birthday.  I really cannot blame her, it was a lot of fun.  Little did we know that going for Jill and Jamie's birthday would be soooo much more fun!  Jill and Jamie both got a gift from Melinda, the drag queen calling bingo.

Jill with her beloved fan!

Melinda was just one of the girls!

Jill, me, Jamie, and of course, Melinda

There were a couple of different parts of the show, including Melinda going around and singing.  Tips were taking during that time and I slipped my dollar bills in Melinda's bra.  It was too funny!

Melinda ended up giving Ken a hard time all night, which was pretty fun.  Not to be missed is the shot below when Melinda stopped by our table to give the guys a hard time.

It is not everyday that you get kissed by a drag queen.

We were also treated to a performance by Jayonce singing and dancing to Crazy in Love.


Jill and me with our new friend Melinda

We had a ton of fun at Hamburger Mary's! Jill says that this will be a birthday tradition from now on if not that, then a frequent girls night out.  We love our drag queens!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kansas City Renaissance Festival...

Over Labor Day weekend we met up with Rob and Michelle for lunch down in the West Bottoms of KC.  There was a little bit of debate going on as to what we should do with the rest of our day, and as soon as the Renaissance Festival was mentioned, Ken was sold.

Tickets in hand and ready to go!  KC Renfest, here we come!

Neither of us had ever been before, but we knew we were in for a great afternoon of people watching.  It was very interesting seeing all of these people in character.

Our first stop was for alcohol, obviously.  After we had alcoholic beverages in hand, we set out for some of the best people watching ever.  I created a game called get the best selfie.  The object was self explanatory and the person could be aware of the photo or not, your call.

I am not one to brag, but I was very good at this game.  Ken was not so good.  I think we can all agree that the photo below would be difficult to top.

I was polite and gave the mud slave a dollar for a picture.  Yeah, this was not weird at all.

The best part about the photo was when Ken was shouting to me not to let him touch me.  It was way too funny.

Michelle and me with the mud slave in his natural habitat.

We wandered around and had to stop for a few more photo ops during the day.

Rob and Michelle as King and Queen

Ken and me as master and jester???

The best costume of the day was the gentleman that was wearing purple tights that provided a full outline of his, you know, package.  We all about peed our pants.

Obviously, we stopped for a picture!

I am posting this picture to show my horrible tan lines from Ironman Louisville.  That is my wristband from the race.  It took me two weeks to cut it off!

Thanks Rob and Michelle for a fun day out in Kansas City!  Until next time!