Friday, October 24, 2014

Kansas City Half Marathon...

On Saturday, I ran the Kansas City Half Marathon.  I had not run this race since 2009 when my friend Laura came to Kansas City and ran it with me.

My friend Mike and I had a bet on who would run the faster half marathon time.  I like to tease Mike because he is (cough, cough) approaching 50.  The loser had to buy the winner breakfast.  I ended up running it in 1:55, which was a little surprising because the only true long run I have had since Ironman Louisville was a 9 miler several weeks ago.  I guess swimming and spin class both pay off.

Mike and me

Mike ended up buying Ken and me breakfast after the race.  I felt bad for him because his Achilles was hurt, but he told me he would never run another one, so there will be no shot at a rematch.  

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