Monday, October 6, 2014

Hamburger Mary's...

Ever since we went to charity bingo at Hamburger Mary's back in June, Jill has talked about going there for her birthday.  I really cannot blame her, it was a lot of fun.  Little did we know that going for Jill and Jamie's birthday would be soooo much more fun!  Jill and Jamie both got a gift from Melinda, the drag queen calling bingo.

Jill with her beloved fan!

Melinda was just one of the girls!

Jill, me, Jamie, and of course, Melinda

There were a couple of different parts of the show, including Melinda going around and singing.  Tips were taking during that time and I slipped my dollar bills in Melinda's bra.  It was too funny!

Melinda ended up giving Ken a hard time all night, which was pretty fun.  Not to be missed is the shot below when Melinda stopped by our table to give the guys a hard time.

It is not everyday that you get kissed by a drag queen.

We were also treated to a performance by Jayonce singing and dancing to Crazy in Love.


Jill and me with our new friend Melinda

We had a ton of fun at Hamburger Mary's! Jill says that this will be a birthday tradition from now on if not that, then a frequent girls night out.  We love our drag queens!

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