Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kansas City Renaissance Festival...

Over Labor Day weekend we met up with Rob and Michelle for lunch down in the West Bottoms of KC.  There was a little bit of debate going on as to what we should do with the rest of our day, and as soon as the Renaissance Festival was mentioned, Ken was sold.

Tickets in hand and ready to go!  KC Renfest, here we come!

Neither of us had ever been before, but we knew we were in for a great afternoon of people watching.  It was very interesting seeing all of these people in character.

Our first stop was for alcohol, obviously.  After we had alcoholic beverages in hand, we set out for some of the best people watching ever.  I created a game called get the best selfie.  The object was self explanatory and the person could be aware of the photo or not, your call.

I am not one to brag, but I was very good at this game.  Ken was not so good.  I think we can all agree that the photo below would be difficult to top.

I was polite and gave the mud slave a dollar for a picture.  Yeah, this was not weird at all.

The best part about the photo was when Ken was shouting to me not to let him touch me.  It was way too funny.

Michelle and me with the mud slave in his natural habitat.

We wandered around and had to stop for a few more photo ops during the day.

Rob and Michelle as King and Queen

Ken and me as master and jester???

The best costume of the day was the gentleman that was wearing purple tights that provided a full outline of his, you know, package.  We all about peed our pants.

Obviously, we stopped for a picture!

I am posting this picture to show my horrible tan lines from Ironman Louisville.  That is my wristband from the race.  It took me two weeks to cut it off!

Thanks Rob and Michelle for a fun day out in Kansas City!  Until next time!

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