Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Favorites: Desserts...

Desserts, one of my favorite things ever.  I have always had a sweet tooth.  I remember as a kid being bribed with sweet treats.  Quite honestly, I can still be bribed with sweet treats!

This is really hard for me to pick what my favorite desserts are because I love so many.  Below are indeed, my favorites.

Brownies, I am in love with brownies!  A big warm brownie with ice cream is my favorite dessert ever.  Bonefish Grill has one of the best brownies I have ever had.

Brownie from Bonefish Grill

Pumpkin cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory is one of the best things ever invented.  I am sad to say I did not get a slice last year. 

Of course the birthday girl ordered pumpkin cheesecake!

I am also madly in love with the Chocolate Sack at McCormick and Schmidts.  To date, it is the only dessert I have not been able to finish.  I had about two bites left that I just could not finish.  ***Hangs head in shame.***I really think if I take it on again that victory will be mine.  Perhaps that is where I should go for dinner a few weeks after Ironman Louisville to celebrate???

No, I did not share with Ken.  Stopping judging.

Those are my top three favorite desserts!  Lucky for me, Bonefish Grill and Cheesecake Factory are both right by our house, so that means plenty of treats.  What are your favorite desserts?

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