Tuesday, August 12, 2014

20 MPH, Open Water Swimming, and Flats...Oh My!

I wish I could say that the 20 mph was my biking speed, but alas it was just the speed of the wind I dealt with during the Cider Mill Century ride a few weeks ago. 

Do you know what is more difficult than riding a bike up hill and into a 20 mph wind?  Being 4'10 and riding a bike up hill and into a 20 mph wind.  There was one moment where I really, really wanted to cry and call someone to come pick me up.  There is this little voice in the back of my head that would not let me and was calling me a big baby and a quitter, so I stuck it out.

I felt better when several of the male riders told me how much they were struggling in the wind too.  I guess misery truly does love company.

The best part was when I finally said screw this, and stopped to turn on my music from my phone (no headphones).  The first song that came on is one of the nastiest songs I have on my phone, Shake That, by Eminem.  I had the music on pretty loud and a group went by me just when I got on my bike again.  I am sure they were quite surprised by the super sweet girl in pink with vulgar lyrics blazing!

Needless to say, I was quite glad when the ride was finished.  :)

Now on to open water swimming.  Open water swimming has always been difficult for me, not so much physically but mentally.  I always start worrying about not being able to touch the bottom or see, when in reallity, I can swim so I do not need to touch the bottom! 

My last two open water swims I give all the credit to Snoop Dogg.  Apparently I still know all the words to a few of Snoop's songs from the 90's and they are quite easy to sing in my head while I swim.  Who knew? 

My last open water swim was last night, and I truly had no fear hopping right in and swimming away.  I swam 3000 meters and could have kept going.  I was brutally attacked by seaweed a few times, but kept  my composure!  KJ for the win!

Last OWS at Kill Creek, thank goodness!

Last time when I was training I did not have to change a flat tire.  Actually, I did not even have a clue how to change a flat tire.  I should really count my lucky stars every day that I did not get a flat during the actual Ironman.  I got my first flat tire at home and went to You Tube to learn how to change it.  Laugh all you want, it worked.

On Saturday Jennie and I were out riding and got 1.5 miles from our cars when she got a flat tire.  I told her I would take care of it.  And guess what, I totally did!  I was able to change a flat tire without even looking at the video! 

Less than two weeks to go!

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Emily said...

Getting super excited for you!! What's your bib # so I can stalk appropriately? :)