Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kya Goes to St. Louis...

We just returned from a three day weekend in St. Louis and of course, Miss Kya was in attendance.  That girl loves going to St. Louis and staying downtown where she quickly becomes a city husky.

Ken and I went to the Cardinal game on Friday night.  We got to watch the Cardinals beat the Dodgers, so it was a great night!

Kya did what most huskies do and she hit all the highlights of downtown.  She visited the Arch, the old Capitol, and even Busch Stadium.  She was a busy girl!

Kya thinks that everyone should get a selfie in front of the Arch!

Kya loved Busch Stadium, but not all the drunk people wandering around the stadium that were hitting on her.

Kya also checked out the new Ball Park Village area around the stadium.

All of the site-seeing definitely required plenty of time to relax.  Thank goodness Kya had a spacious apartment to relax in!

Site-seeing is exhausting!

Ken went on his own adventure on Saturday with one of his friends.  He was sweet enough to bring me back a little surprise from a small town candy store!

Delicious truffles!  There originally were five, but you know, I ate them.  

Kya had a wonderful weekend in St. Louis! 


One Crazy Penguin said...

OMG, where are those truffles from!?!?! I have to go find them! Email me at, please!!!

Heather said...

Aw - love these pics of Kya & her St. Louis adventure! She looks like she had a great time! And those truffles.....oh my :)