Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Live From Studio 1A in Rockefeller Center: Day 4...

Jill and I woke up bright and early on Monday to walk to the Rockefeller Center.

We had one thing on our mind:  The Today Show.

Jill was very excited to see the Today Show!

Just waiting on Matt Lauer!  Yes, it was pouring down rain, again.

When Ken and I went by the Today Show in 2011, I was very disappointed that Matt was out of town doing Where in the World is Matt Lauer.  I had always hoped to go back and be out on the plaza when he was in town.  

Before too long, it was time for the anchors to come out to shoot a scene and say hi.

He looks pretty miserable out there waiting on Matt

Tamron Hall was the first to come over and say hi.  She told me that I was super cute, which was such a nice compliment!  

Before we knew it, Matt Lauer came outside.  This is when my competitive instincts took over.

I may have shouted out "I love a clean shaved Matt Lauer!"

Next thing you know, Savannah Guthrie was busting up laughing at my comment and here comes Matt to give me a hard time.  I was super excited.  Next thing I know, they are lining up for their live shot and guess, what, they are right in front of us.

They were so close, that we could have knocked them over.  

That would be the camera rolling right there.  

When we arrived at 7:30 am, there was not really a good spot.  Never fear, I took care of that problem.  I moved us around and waited for the perfect opportunity and took it.  At the time I had no idea how good of spots we had.  

That would be me (Jill is behind Al) taken by Ken while he was watching the Today Show.

Jill and I about died!  Other people had gotten there at 6:00 am, and Jill and I come strolling in at 7:30 and got the best spots in the entire place!

After the live scenes, they were all hanging around talking to us.  I knew it was now or never, so I asked Matt for a picture.  He gave me a hard time and I may have given it right back until he agreed.

Yeah, that's me with Matt Lauer!

I immediately text Ken and he was not at all surprised that Jill and I ended up right up front.  Ha!

Jill took this picture of Savannah while I was talking to her.  I had her laughing, not surprising at all right!

Operation Matt Lauer was a success!

After all of that, we stopped for a cup of coffee and a pastry.

All warm and toasty with the Today Show right out the window.

We left the bakery and walked around outside for a while.

Jill and me outside the studio.

We were going to go up on top of the Rock, but the visibility was horrible, so we skipped it.  

We did end up going by the tree to say goodbye.

Apparently Monday mornings in the rain is the best time to see the tree.  There was no one there!

Good-bye tree!

Radio City Music Hall

After the Today Show, we walked around and shopped for a while and then went back to the apartment.  We then decided to go grab a little lunch.  We ended up being only a few blocks from Grand Central Station, so we figured we should stop by one last time (especially since we had been there everyday!) and get one last brownie.

Come to mama!

Jill could not wait to get her hands on a brownie!
I love you Magnolia Bakery!

Jill with her bag of brownies, yes we bought multiple, saying good by to Grand Central Station.

These brownies came in handy later on the plane.

Walking back to the apartment to head to the airport.

We ended up getting delayed and delayed some more.  Our flight was overloaded, so they made some people get off to lighten the load.  No, I am not joking.  Then a baby screamed the entire flight.

We finally got home around 12:30 am.  That aside, it was such a fun trip!

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