Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve...

We have our Christmas traditions in this house.  We always begin by going to dinner on Christmas Eve.

We chose to go to Rye in Mission Farms this year.

Before dinner, Michelle and I exchanged gifts, where I prompt re-gifted her the bottle of Sutter Homes Wine that we have been passing around since 2008.

I really should have made her take a drink of it.  We both agree that it most likely will taste better 5 years later than it did when it was new.

Michelle and me

I really wanted to get a family picture of the five of us, but with Kya not being too thrilled about it, I knew there was no way the cats would cooperate.  So, I settled for a family picture of Ken, me, and a irritated Kya.  Oh well.

Michelle and me at dinner

Our neighbors joined us this year, which was a lot of fun.

Kyle and Ken being silly

After dinner, we made our way to On the Border for drinks.  Doesn't everyone go out for margaritas after Christmas Eve dinner?

Joe, Laura, Kyle, and Kaytlyn

Ken and me enjoying our Christmas Eve

Michelle and Rob

Joe and Laura

Kyle and Kaytlyn, there are so cute.

We had a lot of fun laughing and talking and telling stories.  Before we knew it, was time to get home to wait for Santa.

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