Saturday, December 14, 2013

I Heart NYC: Day 3...

On Sunday I woke up anxiously awaiting Ken's arrival.  He left on Thursday for Vegas for a work function and ended up having to fly to NYC on Saturday for another work function.  I was super excited to get to see him on Sunday.

He took the train into the city and met us at our apartment.  We walked around, grabbed a latte, and finally found something to eat.  

I knew I had to see the Rockefeller Tree with Ken, I was just sad that it was not at night time.  Oh well, there is always next time!

Ken and me with my favorite tree ever

Jill and me in yet another picture of the tree

Ken and me, a little closer to the tree.  In case it is not painfully obvious yet, I love the Rockefeller Tree.

We had a lot of fun walking down 5th Avenue and seeing all of the window displays.  The displays in Bergdorfs were my favorite.

Before I knew it, we were at Central Park, which happens to be another huge highlight of NYC for me.  

Bergdorf Goodman and the Plaza Hotel

I love Central Park.  I do think it is prettier when the trees have leaves on them though.

Ken wandering around the park.  I think it was in this moment that he wishes he had a coat!

The park was full of people running and of course, taking carriage rides.

Jill and me in Central Park.  You can tell that it is really cold, since we are both have our ears covered!
Ken and me in Central Park

We darted into Starbucks on Columbus Circle for a quick warm up with yet another latte.  We then did a little shopping around the mall on Columbus Circle.  We then went back to the park and did a little shopping around with the vendors.  

Soon, it was time for us to start making our way back to Grand Central Station to drop Ken off to head back to White Plains.  

On our way, we walked through Times Square.

As we were walking around with all of the craziness, we were all three glad that we are not in Times Square during New Years'.  Going to the bathroom alone would be a nightmare.

 Jill and me in Times Square, very happy that it is not raining.

Ken and me

Then, this happened:

Yes, I took a picture of the Naked Cowboy's butt.  It was more because I thought it was funny that he was wearing tighty whities.

Before I knew it, we were back at Grand Central Station.

Ken and me at Grand Central Station

I cried telling Ken good-bye.  It is not that I was not having fun with my friends, but I just hated saying good-bye to him.  Of course Jill knew how to cheer me up, she took me shopping.

Happy girls with make up.  We also were so cold, that we each bought a new scarf.

After shopping, we made our way from the apartment to Serendipity 3 to meet up with Ann and Michelle.  

Cold girls

On the way, it started snowing!  Being in NYC with all of the Christmas decorations and then having it begin to snow, was so wonderful!

We arrived at Serendipity 3 and we were seated in a small tight corner.  The next thing you know, a member of the mean mommy squad was yelling at me because I was supposedly the reason her bratty child was screaming her head off.  Apparently the seat I was sitting in was inconveniencing the child.  Yeah, it was not an awkward moment at all.  Being there with two moms (Ann and Jill), they agreed that this mean mommy was completely out of line and not a nice person at all.  The whole thing really kind of ruined the experience at the restaurant.  Not that the restaurant is all that great anyway, we were just there for the frozen hot chocolate.  


Jill getting her first taste of yummy frozen hot chocolate

It was just as I remembered!

Michelle and Ann liked the yumminess!

After the drama at Serendipity, we stopped at Dylan's Candy Bar for a little candy.  We quickly hailed a taxi and made our way back to our apartments.  We then decided we would go to a bar that was a block away called Jackson Hole.  We later learned that Jennifer Aniston worked at this bar before she became famous.  It was the perfect little place for us to end our night.

Michelle and Ann at the Jackson Hole

Jill and me

After dinner and drinks, we said our good-byes to Ann and Michelle.  They were flying out earlier than Jill and I were and since Jill and I had plans on going down to the Today Show, we would not see them in the morning.  

The four of us had so much fun together!

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