Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Today was such a wonderful day.

We woke up to discover that Santa did indeed visit our house.

Kya quickly figured out that there were treats left in her stocking.

Then, I forced her to take a Christmas day picture in front of the fireplace.  I am a mean mommy.

All three hooligans received ornaments with their first initial.  

Kya was very excited to check out her stocking!

Kya got some dog treats from Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC.  

Kya loved all of her treats

While Kya was opening her stocking, this was going on:

Theodore thought he should sharpen his claws that he does not have in order to be able to open his presents.  
After the nail sharpening session, this happened:

Clearly, we were boring

Now, Angel is yawning.  

The funny thing about Christmas morning is that Angel refused to join us.  She sat up on the landing and pouted.  She did not participate in Christmas this year.

There is no way Theo would turn down treats from Santa.

Theodore hit the jackpot!

Even more so when he discovered his favorite gift of all, the Christmas bow.

Just a boy and his bow.  Life does not get any better than this for Theo.

And there's Angel, pouting.

I got my traditional husky calendar.

Ken's stocking stuffers

After we opened presents, we had breakfast, which was our traditional pumpkin cinnamon rolls.

They were delicious!

One of our traditions is to go to the dog park.  This is probably Kya's favorite tradition.

We had a tired husky after two hours of playing and hiking around.

Around 5:00 pm, I noticed that someone was over by her stocking and was ready to celebrate Christmas.

Angel is ready for Christmas morning at 5:00 in the evening.

Apparently, we do things on her terms these days.

Angel may have received a lecture from me.

The lecture did not phase her, she carried on and opened her presents.

Ken and Kya built a fire and relaxed out back for a while.

As if I did not win wife of the year with the cinnamon rolls, I also made us a homemade apple pie.

Merry Christmas!

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lindsay said...

those rolls! yum! homemade? merry super late christmas!!