Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Colorado Trip: Day 3...

We woke up and made our way to Denver for the day.

We went by REI and both agreed that when the REI opens up down the street from us, it is bound to be a disappointment after visiting the one in Denver!

We had a little lunch and made our way around to a few different breweries.

Our first stop was Prost Brewing where Ken was shocked to learn that I knew that Prost means cheers in German.  Come on Ken, it is called internet surfing for vacation planning!

After Prost, we went to Great Divide which was our favorite.

Ken loved the yeti!  We liked a few of there beers here too.

One of my samples

We had a blast hanging out there!

After we left Great Divide, it started raining.  We decided to make our way into a bar to wait for it to clear off before going to the Rockies game.  It turned out to be happy hour which was bad news for us.

Just having a beer

And a little wine

Then the silliness started...

I am a girl scout


We were clearly having fun...

He went that way!

Be serious for a minute

Super serious with a little bit of a smirk

I came back from the bathroom and found this nice little selfie on the camera.

The rain cleared off and we made our way to the stadium.

Outside Coors Field

We bought tickets to hit and pitch with some of the games.  The pitch was coming at us at 65 mph.  I have not hit something that fast since I was 18!

Ken taking a swing

Talk about bringing back memories!

In the pitching part, there was a prize if you could guess the speed of your six pitch.  I am not one to brag, but guess who won a prize???

Oh yeah!

We had such a fun day together!

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Heather said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the 2 pics of you & Ken together where it looks like the Pac-Man on his shirt is going to eat your head :)