Monday, September 2, 2013

Colorado Trip: Day 2...

We woke up on Thursday and decided to go play a little disc golf in Boulder.

This is slightly a different view than the course we play in Kansas.

Ken had a few birdies and I had a few pars.

There were prairie dogs all over the park.  I was so excited to see a prairie dog!

After we played disc golf, we went to breakfast at one of our favorite places, Lucile's.

We discovered this place on our last visit to Colorado and it is definitely a must on each trip from now on.

They have the largest and best biscuits ever.  I am ashamed to admit that I could not eat the entire thing.  I did have a yummy omelet that I had to eat too!

After breakfast we made our way to the Indian Peaks Wilderness area for a little hiking.  I took a ton of pictures.  Below are some of my favorites.

Ken hiking along

I think he is actually grateful that for once, I am not making him go to the top of the mountain in front of us.

We made it to the lake and were a little disappointed.  The rangers had been draining it or something, because there was hardly in water in it and there were tarps set up along a section.

It was a gorgeous afternoon for a hike!

We hiked to Lake Isabelle

Apparently mountains are common on the trail head.  I was secretly hoping to see one, but was sort of afraid that Ken would decide to leave me for the mountain lion.  

After our hike, we relaxed for a while and then decided to go to one of the many breweries for a little tasting.

We went to Wild Woods Brewery.  All of their beers have a flavor of camping.  My favorite was the Smores Stout.

We ended the night with sushi, ice cream, and walking around downtown Boulder.

Me, trying hard not to smile.  Ken says I always have the same cheesy smile in all my pictures, so I flashed him my serious look.  Ha!


Heather said...

Were you all in CO over the Labor Day weekend?? The Taylor's were there for the weekend in Estes Park, CO & drove through Boulder on Friday AND Sunday!

Looks like you & Ken had a great getaway!!


lindsay said...

The hike looks beautiful! You have a great serious face :) I look goofy when I try to do that myself.