Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby Opossum Hunting...

When you are a Siberian Husky living in suburbia, you might think that you evenings will be boring.  You lay around in your backyard and day dream.  Day dream about catching a squirrel or maybe a bunny. 

Deep down, you know better.  You know that you would never ever catch one, let alone hurt it if you did.  In fact, you surrendered your Husky Hunting card months ago.  It is just not worth it. 

Then, while you are laying in the darkness by the fence feeling the breeze, you suddenly hear something.  You assume it is one of the Peterson's (the rabbits formerly known as the Robinson's), but the sound seems a little different. 

You get rather excited, almost as excited as you do when you go for a run with your mom.  You did it!  You caught something.  Please collect your Husky Hunting card and call your friends Charlee and Boise to tell them what YOU caught. 

By the way, the word "caught" is being used rather loosely.

Your dad hears commotion and sees you pacing back and forth with excitement and comes outside to see what all the fuss is about.  There in the shadows, he finds your new friend.

Paul, the baby opossum.

You feel a sense of pride as your dad calls for your mom to come outside.  You think, wow, my mom gets to see this baby opossum because I caught one.  I caught a baby opossum.  You say it a few more times only to realize that you are a 50 pound Siberian Husky and the opossum is about four pounds and a baby. 

You start to feel embarrassed and then you remember your brush with what can only be assumed is mama opossum last year.  Suddenly, you really start to feel like a bad ass Husky.  You run around the back yard, come back by the baby opossum, pee, and kick your legs marking your territory.

Finally, your parents make you go inside.  They make your joy come to an end.  That does not mean that you do not stay up all night just hoping and waiting to see another opossum.

And if it comes back, you will definitely catch it again and brag to Charlee and Boise about how you have caught a opossum and they have not.

-Kya, the Opossum Hunter.

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michelle orr said...

Charlee and Boise are going to be so jealous when I share this with them!!

Rob has a good recipe for Paul, when and if Kya does catch him ;)