Thursday, April 19, 2012

Opossum Kisses...

The other night Ken and I were looking at something on the iPad when we heard a bark from the backyard. Kya never barks, so we knew something was up. We heard her bark again. I must say that her bark is so sweet sounding. It is deep and she sounds precious.

Anyway, Ken and I rushed outside to find Kya nose to nose with a gigantic opossum. She was so excited! That girl has been chasing squirrels and rabbits for two months hoping to catch one. She finally had caught an animal and all she could do was be nose to nose with it. She is such a mess!

I guess we can now add opossum hunter to her resume!

This pictures are dark, but you can see that huge beast in our backyard. It was huge, had to have been the size of Angel and Theodore combined!


Heather said...

Wow - you have all kinds of "creatures" at the new homestead!! I have a feeling we will be adding "opossum killer" to Ken's resume???

The Stewards said...