Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Adoption Day Kya!

I know I say this every March 1st, but I am so glad that Ken responded to the ad on Craigslist for our sweet girl.  $50 and a tip (we had $60 and the girl did not have change), and it was the best $60 we could have ever spent. 

Kya is hilarious.  I cannot figure out if she gets any of her personality from us or if she is just goofy on her own.  She definitely provides us with entertainment on a daily basis.  I am fully aware that I am part of the reason she is so spoiled.  She is too pretty not to be.

She is the best running partner ever!  We cannot go out for a run without someone telling her how pretty she is or what a good runner she is. 

She loves to get snuggly on her blanket, on her couch, in her room.  Spoiled much?

How can I not include the picture where she ripped out a huge chunk of fur on her tail during our major heat wave this past Summer.  I guess she was going stir crazy not being able to walk or run during the 100 degree tips.  Poor girl, she survived and her mama took her for ice cream.

Happy Adoption Day Kya!  We love our Siberian Husky!

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