Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Photo a Day...Week 4...

Day 22:  Apparently I was missed while I was at Chemistry.  Poor Ken, he is so used to me cooking that he burned his pizza!

Day 23:  45 pound Husky being held like a baby?  She is so embarrassed.  I am pretty sure this is her, "I hope she does not put this on her blog" face!

Day 24:  I sent this photo to my new boss, who lives in Dallas.  He promptly responded with a photo of the temperature reading 56.

Day 25:  A little snuggle time in the guest room

Day 26:  Ken took me to Jazz for a little Cajun.  I, of course, had to have a hurricane!

Day 27:  We took Kya to the Arboretum for a hike.  This is her with her friend the fox.

Day 28:  Since it was 12 degrees just a few days prior, I thought it was completely appropriate to show that it was 76 degrees on Monday.  In January.

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The CilleyGirl said...

LOL on the Day 27 pic -- I thought at first that was you next to Kya, thinking to myself "I know Keri says she's short, but surely not *that* short!" ;)