Thursday, January 3, 2013

Negative, Negative...

Since it is very cold here in Kansas City and we have snowy sidewalks, I went to the gym last night for my run.  I am so not a fan of the gym this time of year with all of the New Years Resolution folks, however, I will not complain and dis them like many others do.  Yes, they are annoying, but they have to start somewhere!  My only complaint with them is that most of them do not stick with it.  I am sure there is a statistic, but I am too lazy to Google it at the moment.

Anyway, I was at the gym and I needed to do a little speed work.  I decided on .25 repeats and .50 repeats.  The first two felt really difficult and I felt sluggish.  I can tell that my cold was maybe having an effect on how I was feeling.  I also like to put the treadmill on a high incline and run a few .25 repeats at a slower speed.  After I did this, I put the treadmill back to zero incline and finished off my normal repeats and felt like I was flying.

I was running those repeats like it was absolutely nothing.  I instantly start thinking about what a badass I am, running so quickly with little effort.  Before I knew it, six miles was over and I was cooling down.  I shut the treadmill off and walked over to get a wipe to wipe it down.  When I arrived at the treadmill, I realized that it had the incline at a -2.  -2.  No wonder I thought I was flying and running with no effort, I was running downhill. 

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